Monday, September 23, 2013

Modestly Monday {No. 50} Color My Sky

Pink Blouse, Blue Jeans, Moccasins--- Thrifted
Pink Scarf--- Meijer
"Be Still" Necklace--- gift from my Mom (Shape of Love Shoppe)

Oh my, this Autumn is off to a loverly start!  Is anyone else finding it hard to believe that September is nearly finished?  This lady certainly is.

So far this season, I've been really enjoying my comfortable jeans paired with flowy tops, scarves, and long simple necklaces!  My idea of a perfect outfit is always a mixture of functional and feminine.  :-)

This necklace is probably my favorite jewelry piece in my collection.  Soon after baby Promise went to be with the Lord, my Mom bought this for me.  I am a worrier, a stress maniac, and over-thinker.  My wise Momma knows me so well and knew how much this simple reminder would mean to me as I continue trying to put my future (in particular my desire for children) into the Lord's hands.  The shop that makes these beautiful pieces of jewelry is definitely one worth looking through!  Make sure to go to the link for it at the beginning of this post (and no, I'm not being paid to advertise them.  They are just that great!).

If you've been following my blog since early spring or longer, you'll remember these *favorite* shoes of mine.  I'm so happy that the weather is finally cooling down enough that I can wear them again!

For my hairstyle, after washing, I applied some mousse and let the remains of my perm take over.  My hair stylist is shocked that my perm is still holding after more than a year!  I am definitely shocked too... and missing my naturally wavy hair (I've been blow-drying the somewhat limp curl out most days).
To cover the top part of my hair (where the perm has grown out!) I twisted back some hair and clipped it in place.  Simple enough!

Fun note: Last month I did a hot oil treatment on my hair (just a simple one with coconut oil and olive oil) and loved it!  I just did another one today (this treatment is recommended for once every month) and, once again, really enjoyed it!  Would any of you ladies be interested in knowing more???  Let me know!

Another fun note:  Tomorrow I will be meeting with my hair stylist to *hopefully* get some more prominent layers put in and *maybe* cut some bangs for the cold months.  I know, I know... bangs can be a pain, but I have had them before and I'm kind of feeling a need for some change in my hairstyle.  Believe me, I've agonized over this decision (again with the whole "over thinker" thing!). 

Andrew and I have been keeping life simple this month.  Between long hours at his job, setting the house up for the season, and several different health issues (please be praying, if you would!), we've really enjoyed the peace and calm in a having a bit more of a "private life".  I'm also back to teaching two of my sisters piano once a week, which is a lot of fun (especially just having the extra time to visit!).

So, how many of you ladies are scarf-wearers???  Also, do you prefer bold jewelry or the more "understated" style?
You already know that I adore my scarves... When it comes to jewelry, I like slightly bolder earrings and bracelets, but keep it on the more simple-yet-special style with necklaces.

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!!!

God bless!


Josie said...

I love this outfit! Especially the pink scarf. Yes, I am a scarf lover. Very much so. As for necklaces, I prefer the "understated" look. Love this, Rachel!

Livia Rachelle said...

Oh, I would definitely want to hear more about hot oil treatments. I have reaally long hear-to my waist-and I seem to swing from overdry all over and then oily at the scalp and okay at the ends.
I love when other people wear scarves, but I have only managed to make myself regularly wear them during the winter and only when out, not at home-they bug me then.
I tend to like more delicate jewelry, but I do like a few statement pieces.Bracelets (and long sleeves) bother me often-I seem to take bracelets and rings off and on quite a lot. I love your necklace and am definitely checking out the link-they look like excellent Christmas gifts! I enjoy when people discuss personal style questions!

Khloe Grace said...

I love scarves and bold statement jewlery!

Natasha Atkerson said...

Such a cute outfit, Rachel!
And I love the necklace! What a sweet message. Sometimes we need reminders that God is still God, no matter how big our circumstances seem. I am very like you in that I'm also a "super thinker"LOL! I tend to agonize over choices, which isn't always a good thing. It can be very hard to just trust God. I'm trying to rest in Him right now, as I figure out what I'm doing with my future. Ultimately my desire is to be a wife and mother, but there isn't anyone in my life right now and I'm okay with that part. The hard part is-what do I do with my time right NOW But last year when I was begging God to "show me what I'm supposed to do" I really felt like He told me just to rest in Him and that He would show me in His timing-not mine. Okay, God! I get it, just help me be patient! ;)
Your sister in Christ,
A Modest Fashion Blog

Natasha Atkerson said...

Ps: I would love to hear more on the hot oil treatment! My hair always ends up just greasy when I do them! Tips please!

Hannah Barta said...

I've done some oil treatments for my hair and they always make it feel so soft and lovely! But I would like to hear about what you know on just doing it once a month as opposed to every week. . .I'm afraid I do hair masks too often and I know the oil has a hard time washing out (especially since I use baking soda instead of shampoo since I'm trying to stay away from all commercialized products).

Sarah Rega said...

I would really be interested in the oil treatments you mentioned. Please share! =)

I'm very much a simplest when it comes to clothes, scarves and jewelry. The only thing bold that I really like is bangles; I'm not a bid fan of bold earrings or necklaces'.

Praying for healing for y'all! Please keep up the encouraging posts about modesty, Rachel. I easily forget the importance of modesty and the fact that it's not about bringing attention to yourself, but to bring honor to God and to and glorify His holy Name.

Rebecca Ann said...

Rachel I <3 scarves too! They are definitely a favorite accessory of mine too. I was just wearing a blue and white tie dye one with a black 1940s style dress from Target for church Sunday. Oh and I prefer bold jewelry with simple tops and more simple jewelry with bold embellished tops. I just checked out the book called Color Me Beautiful 4 Seasons of Color, Makeup, and Style by Joanne Richmond yesterday from the library. Its so well done and really has a lot of great tips about accessorizing. Have you read it or heard of it Rachel?

God bless,

I am praying for your health Rachel and your hubby's health too.

God bless,

Rebecca Ann said...

Oh and I forgot to say I would definitely love to know more about how to do hot oil treatments for hair. I have wanted to try that, but not tried it on my own yet. Also I am also a worrier/anxious person by nature and I have a metal cut out sign in my room that says," The Lord will fight for you you need only be still."-Exodus 14:14 and its a lovely reminder for me too. :)

In Christ with love,