Monday, September 16, 2013

Modestly Monday {No. 49} If I Had Wings

White Tunic/Blouse--- Meijer
Blue Jeans--- hand me down
Lace/Floral/Favorite Scarf--- gift shop at Das Dutchman Essenhaus
White "Crocheted" Flats-,  Gray Undershirt-- Walmart
"Dew Drop" Pearl Headband, Wire and Pearl Earrings---  crafted by me

If I had a dollar for every time I dressed like I was from the enchanted forest instead of planet earth, I would be a wealthy woman.  :-)  My love for flowy blouses, soft lines and swirls, lacey scarves, and elven-crown headbands is about as strong as love for a certain style can get!

I grew up in a family that read a lot, played hard, and dressed up... one day we were settlers/cowboys and Indians, the next we were slaves in the brick pits of Egypt (you know, on those muddy days).  Sometimes we were princes and princesses, and other times we were orphans following Gladys Aylward to safety over the mountains.  And you'd be surprised at how often my parents got in on the fun!

One thing that being allowed to let my imagination run wild has done for me is that I have learned what I love.  I haven't been afraid to ask questions, be creative, and also be true to who God has made me.

That comes out in the way I present myself AND the way I dress.

There's been a lot going around about "Christian/modest fashion" in the last few years; about how you can still be fashionable while being modest.

I would beg to offer a different view.

Because seriously, why should we really care about the latest trend?  Sometimes new styles come out that I think are very beautiful and so I wear them and just happen to be "fashionable".  But honestly, many times, the newest look isn't appealing to me in the least... so, guess what?  I dress in the styles I love, no matter if they are completely up-to-date or not!

 I don't want to look back on these modesty posts and think, "Oh look!  I showed Christian women how to morph modern styles so they could be modest and still fit in with the trends!".
No, no, no!
I want to look back and think, "Lord, thank you that I was able to encourage Christian women to glorify You and honor the bodies You gave them through modest dress; that they were able to see the beauty of being modest; that they were able to find freedom.".

Because this blog isn't about me, ladies.  It isn't about "Oh my goodness, she is so cute all the time and so modest and so fashionable!".
It is about God helping me to find my beauty in Him, not how trendy I am.  It is about me honoring my Lord (and also my husband) through dressing in a way that keeps my body a mystery.

I was just talking with my sweet (and wise) younger sister, Natalie, yesterday about how incredibly freeing it is when you choose to dress modestly.

Trends change constantly and if we are looking to be fashionable, we will continuously feel one step behind.

 There have been too many times in my life that I have dressed to please others or look cute or receive compliments rather than to honor God and love what I wear. 

If you determine, with the Lord's help, to dress in ways that you enjoy and bring glory to God (instead of inappropriate attention to you), you will be so much more joyful as you clothe yourself each day. 

 I wore this outfit because I love it.  I feel modest, I feel beautiful, I feel happy, and the freedom that brings makes me feel like I can fly!
Love you all, my sweet readers.  Hope you have a wonderful Monday!
God bless!


Rachel said...

Yes, who cares about being fashionable and trendy?? I think embracing your own style and modestly enjoying styles that you love is a much better way. Your personal style reminds me a little of my younger sisters. She usually describes her own style as the style of a "wood elf" :)

Marianela said...

Loved your message, Rachel. :) Your sense of fashion has always been cute and modest, and that's one of the things I appreciate in Christian girls around my age.

Take care! :hugs:

Hannah Barta said...

Oh, how I agree with that! I don't stay "up" on the trends and I don't even know what they are most of the time. . . . But who cares?? I like the way I dress!

Rebecca Ann said...

Your perspective was a breath of fresh air Rachel! I love dressing how I love to dress in styles that are me instead of trendy too. You are right dressing to glorify God I freeing. God bless! Rebecca

Natasha Atkerson said...

I agree whole heartedly, Rachel!
I thought it was hilarious that I'd been thrift store shopping for years and then "suddenly" it's "cool"!
The trends are fast moving and annoying! I think it would be so hard to try and keep up fully! You'd be spending millions just trying to keep your style "updated"!
You have such a beautiful heart, Rachel, it shows in all your posts. Thanks for being a great example!
Your sister in Christ,
A Modest Fashion Blog:

Josie said...

I simply love this outfit. It's so perfectly you. I agree with everything you said, Rachel. Thanks for the encouragement, my friend!