Monday, July 22, 2013

Modestly Monday {No. 43} Cookie Cutter Rebel

Crocheted Vest-- Thrifted
Light Purple Tank Top--  Walmart
Long Jean Shorts--  Walmart
White Flip Flops--  Walmart
Gold Chain Necklace-- can't remember...
Flower Earrings--  Walmart

One of the hardest things about being a conservative-Christian-stay-at-home-daughter-who-became-a-stay-at-home-wife is the terrible, constricting mold that I can feel forced into by both people who don't have as strict of convictions and others who are even more conservative than I am.  On one side, why didn't I attend college?  On the other side, why do I wear pants and not just skirts?  Over here, why am I not working a job?  And over there, how could I possibly watch films with a rating over PG and call myself a conservative Christian?  One minute, why do you have problems with these things that are so accepted these days?  The next minute, you let your husband play *gasp* video games???

My sisters face the same struggle.

"Jessie, you're the same age that Rachel was when she and Andrew were courting.  You need to get a boyfriend!"
"Natalie, both of your older sisters graduated a year early.  You should do that too!"

For how much our society promotes individuality, it sure is laughable (and tragic) how uniform we expect people to be.  We want them to dress the same, talk the same, act the same... and we balk and run (or stay and criticize) when people don't fit the mold.

I hate being normal.  I am a mold breaker.  I am a rebel against the cookie cutter.  :-)  I stayed home instead of going to college, but I also wear some makeup and pants (and long shorts on hot summer days, as is apparent in these pictures).  I love books and tea and staying at home, but I also love movies and tv shows.  I believe in one-man-one-woman marriage and am adamantly against abortion, but I let my hubby pass the time every so often just relaxing and playing his video games.  I am not traditional.

Neither is my family.  My sister, Jessica, doesn't want to go to college either, but, unlike me, she loves to have a part-time job and adores driving (I still don't have my license).  She is also happy being single for now.  Natalie wants to do all four years of highschool, not because she's incapable of graduating early, but because she enjoys school and doesn't want to rush.

And why is this all okay?  Because we are different people with different desires, hopes, plans, and stories written by the One who created us.

Please know that I'm not saying that I am perfect or trying to glorify my different (and sometimes seemingly incompatible) convictions.  I will be the first to say that staying at home is just a tad boring every so often (I still wouldn't change being a stay at home wife, but, come on, there are just days).  I also know that still not being able to drive isn't the best thing in the world.  :-P 

I guess all I'm trying to say is don't feel limited by what you see your friends, siblings, or role models doing.  They are not you.  Always be true to your convictions and follow the Lord's leading, but know that it may look different from how other people live that out in their lives. 

And be encouraging of others who are also following the Lord.  Even if their dream is different than yours.  I have many friends who don't hold to all of the same convictions as myself, some more conservative and some more liberal... and some who just have different pursuits in their lives than mine; that hasn't kept us from being friends or being able to encourage each other.  We do all have one thing in common that is enough to keep us close: a love for our precious Savior.

This is not an "accept everyone and everything" post.  Some people aren't following the Lord with their lives, even Christians.  You should be loving, but you don't need to condone their choices (unlike the world tells us).  Is someone is doing something that goes against the Word of God, you're not being a bigot when you think they are wrong and don't encourage them in those things.

 This is also not one of those "be yourself" posts.  You really shouldn't be yourself... yourself is a selfish, sinful person with a heart that is easily deceived.  Myself too.

Instead, be who you are in Christ.  Let Him live through you and show you who you are.  Don't be ashamed of who He is forming you to be whether you seem to be more of the traditional type or just an odd one.  ;-)

 Just love it, embrace it, be freed by it.

1 Corinthians 12:14-18

{just my thoughts for the day.}


Oh yeah... and I really loved wearing this outfit!


Anonymous said...

"Because we are different people with different desires, hopes, plans, and stories written by the One who created us."

SO true, my wise friend. So very true. This post was a needed one for my heart. Thank you! I have a feeling I'll come back to it often. :) I know from personal experience that it is so much more freeing to live with and for an audience of One.

Trisch said...

Great thoughts, Rachel!

From a fellow "mold breaker" who is often amused at people trying to categorize her as well! ;)


Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful and encouraging Rae! :)

Seven Farmgirls said...

Thank you for sharing this, Rachel! It has blessed me :-)

Hannah Elise said...

I love your being nontraditional on both sides of the spectrum. It's rather like me, which is nice to know.

Jess said...

Brilliantly put, Rachel! This is what I've been learning, so thank you for writing it down in a beautiful way! Thanks!

Violet said...

Wow, thank you so much for writing this Rachel! It came at a time when I had really been wrestling with contentment (and being at rest with who I am in Christ), my tendency towards judgementalness and a people-pleaser rather than a God pleaser. The Lord really used this today to remind me that He and following Him is the most important thing of all and to focus on that rather than just trying to "fit in" with other people and groups.

God bless you as you serve Him and thank you again!

From a fellow sister in Christ,

Livia Rachelle said...

"Don't be yourself-you are a sinful person"-yeah, that is sooo true and ironic in light of this-everything goes society. It is nice to have reality check!

Btw, gorgeous earrings.