Monday, July 8, 2013

Modestly Monday {No. 41} Thrift-Savvy

Cream Blouse- Thrifted
Blue Swirly Skirt-  Thrifted
"Crocheted" Flats-  Walmart
Black Belt- Walmart
Bangle- crafted by me

Don't you love when the bulk of your outfit is thrifted?  It means you've shopped hard, found great little treasures, and saved money.  A LOT of the clothing I own is either bought at a lower price or thrifted.  Like this blouse... it still had the tags on it ($25 from Old Navy) and I paid about $1 for it!

My sister, Jessie, thrifted this skirt for me.  Yes, we (my sisters, mom, and I) often buy things that WE wouldn't necessarily wear and then bless each other with clothing items.  It's a good system, as I am constantly finding wonderful things that either wouldn't fit me correctly or just isn't quite my style.

Here's a few tips for thrifting:
Don't pay attention to what size the tag says it is.  (Different brands have different measurements.  Swallow your pride and check the XL's.  You can always alter things too.  But on that note...)
Don't get too many things to alter.  (Yeah, they'll just sit in your sewing basket.)
Be willing to try something new.  (You just never know!)
If you find something awesome that either won't fit you or isn't quite your style, consider who you know who might love it.  (Seriously, every sister or friend loves free clothes!)
Stop before you drop.  (Truly, even though thrifting can be awesome, it can be tiring.  When you feel the weariness, just stop.  Get yourself some coffee and read a book for the rest of the day.)
Have fun!

Oh, and then there's life...  :-)
I've made a list of the things I want to get done today and this week, which really helps me to accomplish anything!
I also recently had a check-up with my family doctor and DID find a couple of issues.  Nothing life-threatening, it just means that I am taking a bunch of (natural, herbal) pills three times a day to try to help my body work in a more healthy way.  If you would, please be praying that these issues will be fixed, as some of them have caused a lot of stress and also me feeling quite sick on occasion. 

I also recently got my hair cut!  Yup, about eight inches of it!  It was more than I intended, so I suffered from a bit of shock upon repeatedly catching my reflection over the next few days.  :-P  It is now about chest-length with some layers put in (which you really can't see very well in these pics because of how I styled my hair... sorry!).  I was able to donate my hair to Locks of Love, which was so neat.  I'm excited about how thick and healthy my hair feels at this shorter length and fully intend to grow it out again.  :-)

So, how are you all?  Have you been enjoying your summer?  The weather in Indiana is setting record lows (60's, 70's, and sometimes hitting the 80's), which is glorious!!!  How often do you go thrift shopping?  Do you wear many thrifted or on-sale clothes?

I hope you all have a lovely Monday!  I'm off to take a walk, as the doctor ordered.  Gotta love when you doctor tells you NOT to exercise strenuously, only lightly!  But, of course!!!  ;-)

God bless! 


Hannah Elise said...

Oh, Rachel. I hope you feel better soon! I'll be praying.

I do love it when I find something great at a thrift store--a lot of my clothes are thrifted or were on sale. It makes you feel a whole lot better about buying clothes, that's for sure!

And muchos gracias for the thrift store tips. I'm going to pin it so I can forever have it on my fashion board :)

Natasha Atkerson said...

Such a cute outfit, Rachel!
And just so you know, your hair looks just as beautiful at the length it is now as it was longer! Although I know it can be upsetting when someone cuts it too short. I've always been wary of salons, I don't think they like long hair for some reason (just a theory, obviously I can't prove that...*wink*LOL!)
And I wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your sweet comments on my blog!
Keep shining,
A Modest Fashion Blog:

Rebecca Ann said...

I definitely wear a good amount of thrifted items these days. I also wear a lot of items I found on sale at kohls recently. I am glad to hear more and more women who are glorifying God in their spending by saving money thrifting or shopping sales. It can be tiring but it's great to be a good steward of the money God has given us. I will be praying for your health! I know I have been trying to eat healthier and take supplemental vitamins and eat healthy this summer. It's hard with get together a with family and friends though. I love your whole outfit Rachel. Keep up the Christ centered posts. I really appreciate all the effort you put into your blog.