Monday, July 1, 2013

Modestly Monday {No. 40} Being Modest and Being Yourself

 Pink Floral Dress- Thrifted
White Undershirt- Walmart
Tan Shrug- Old Navy
Brown Sandals-  Thrifted

 There are five girls in my family.  Two are still young, nine and three.  Three have entered the world of adulthood (physically, at least... we all have our Neverland moments... and days).

Jessie, Natalie, and I have quite unique personalities from each other and also differing tastes in clothes.  So, how do three sisters express their own styles while still being modest?

Jessie has the most outgoing and bubbly personality of all of us.  She wears bright colors, more daring designs.  She expresses her joy with bright flowers or a fun print on her blouse.  She shows how beautiful chunky sandals and short, sunny hair can be.

I just love how she brings out her own bright personality in her hairstyles and in her wardrobe.

 Light Blue Blouse- Dollar General
Brown Skirt- Thrifted
White Sandals- Gift
Earrings- Claire's

 Natalie, while still quite spunky, has a quieter nature when you're first getting to know her.  She's one of those people that you don't realize just how awesomely crazy she is until you take the time to know her better.  Her sweet side comes out in her clothing and hairstyle choices.

Natalie looks wonderful in light, soft, and earth-tone colors.  She wears her hair a bit longer with soft, full layers.  Soft ruffles and simple (yet striking) jewelry work very well for her style.

 Here they are.  Two sisters with very different personalities, yet so close that we call them "the twins".  Don't they show their personalities beautifully through their clothes?

Something I've noticed throughout the years is how cookie-cutter people expect modest dressers to be.  I believe that my sisters and I are living proof that you can dress modestly without looking like every other girl who dresses modestly.  Creativity isn't lost when you cover up, it is unleashed!

One thing I've learned as I've grown and matured is that modesty isn't a restriction, it is a freedom.  Instead of being tied down to trends (talk about girls looking like they're from a cookie-cutter!), I am free to dress in styles that compliment my body and my own taste.  Instead of feeling guilty or less-than-valuable from flaunting my body for the world to see, I have dignity and worth in keeping myself a secret physically from all men except my husband.
  It makes me so happy to see my beautiful sisters choosing to keep themselves modest and pure (inside and out).

Love you, Jess and Nat!  You are the most incredible sisters and friends!

So, how do YOU bring out your personality while still being true to your convictions?  Do you find it hard or is it fun?



Hannah Elise said...

They're both so beautiful (like their sister!) and DO express themselves wonderfully through their clothing choices. I don't think I'm as good at that. I'm a pretty quiet, uncertain person, but have the potential to be extremely crazy and bubbly. I like to dress in hot pinks and neon colors. But I'm trying to build my wardrobe up from the basics, so.... :)

Megan and Abby said...

I do find it a challenge on many days to dress femininely and modestly; so much so that many days I skip the feminine part (but never the modest part!). Especially on Sundays, I cycle through so many different outfits and can't find "the right one". Once I find something that works, though, it is fun. Your modest fashion posts really inspire me to try new things that I'd never think of on my own.

Rachel said...

I love expressing my personality through clothes--and yes, "expressing" yourself needn't come from baring skin! My favorite outfit include patterned leggings and tights under dresses!

Anonymous said...

I personally find it more on the hard side than the easy side. I have a level of practicality to me that tends to 'tie me down' to certain fabrics like denim because they are durable and match a lot. I also don't have a lot of money to spend on clothes, which can make it harder. I see all kinds of things I like on Pinterest, but when it comes to actually buying those clothes, I have a hard time finding things, at least for good prices. To be honest, I'm not truly sure what personality I have. It's sometimes harder to analyze yourself than it is to analyze someone else. I guess I tend to be more like you described Natalie to be. It's hard tellin'. :) I guess, to be honest, I'm still learning how to dress according to my personality. Normally my clothing choices come from ideas of what others wear.

Anonymous said...

Lovely! How old is Natalie? She is sweet - and I love her skirt. :)
It's true how we can still have our own styles and not have to have to typical "homeschool" look, but can be fresh and fashionable!

Natasha Atkerson said...

Fun post! You sisters all look so alike! That's awesome!

Super cute outfit, love both of them!
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