Thursday, June 6, 2013

Of the casual and feminine

Pink Blouse-- Thrifted
White Undershirt-- Walmart
Blue Jeans-- Thrifted
White Flip-flops-- Walmart
Silver Hoop Earrings-- Meijer
Fabric-wrapped Bangle-- crafted by me
Simple Big-Bead Necklace-- crafted by me

Oh my, was I happy when I found this loose, flowy, pink, SOFT shirt!  It is so perfect for me in that it is extremely practical for these hot months.  It is loose and the fabric is light (lots of airflow) and it is feminine in the cut and color!

It even has a cute run of buttons down the back!

It has SO hard for me to make any good expressions for these pictures.  Even in shaded areas, the sun is SO bright in the area around our new apartment.

This is my "I can't stop squinting and I don't like it" face.  :-P

The sun is so bright here that I was outside on our back deck reading for less than an hour and got a really mean sunburn.  :-(  I didn't have it yet in these pics, so just imagine me a few shades darker now!

For my hair, it was a definite NEED to get it pulled away from my face and neck, so I braided the top part of my hair back, gathered it into a ponytail at the back, did a little "princess twist", then braided my hair normally.  It turned out very well and kept me from getting too warm with my long tresses.  :-)

Hope you all enjoy these occasional mid-week outfit posts.  They have actually been really fun for me and definitely take the pressure off to get tons of stuff up on Mondays.
So, when it gets warm, what style of clothes do you like to wear?  My favorite is flowy sun dresses!


Ariel Skye said...

Love this outfit. That pink shirt is to cute.

-Ariel Skye

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Could you do pics or a video of how you did your hair? It's darling!


Megan and Abby said...

You always look so pretty, and you've inspired me a lot as of late to dress femininely and modestly. Thanks for these types of posts, Rachel!
In the summer (and it gets really hot out here!) I like to wear t-shirts and some casual jewelry to "dress it up" a little; every so often I like to wear a skirt, too, but mostly I wear jeans.
*I've developed a love of stripes and plaid!