Monday, June 24, 2013

Modestly Monday {No. 39} Just Better Barefoot

Black Blouse- Walmart
Multi-Colored Skirt- Thrifted
Black Flower Hair Clip- Hobby Lobby
Truth Bracelet- crafted by me

Does anyone else just prefer to not wear shoes?  As a child, I only wore shoes when forced I absolutely had to do it.  As I've grown up, I'm a little more willing to use footwear, but I still love the days of just going barefoot.

These pictures were taken on our sweet little back balcony.  It is smaller than the one at our last apartment, but it is still so nice to have a little outdoor place to read and soak in the sun.

I've had this Truth charm in my jewelry supply collection for quite a while now.  Last week I decided that I really needed to make something of it.  :-)  Since the charm is so pretty, I decided to keep the design simple with small muted-silver seed beads and little pearls.  I really like how it turned out and how the style will match most anything I wear!

I really love using this hairstyle!  It keeps my hair off my face and neck while still looking unique and girly!  I simply ponytailed my hair to one side and did a princess twist.  After that, using little rubber hair bands, I made a little ponytail underneath the first one and did another princess twist.  After tugging the hair in the twist a little to loosen it (and make it fuller), I repeated the ponytail/princess twist pattern down my hair, loosening each twist as I made my way down.  Such a fun alternative to a braid!

This next week looks to be crazy.  My sister, Jessie, is having her Graduation Open House this coming Saturday, so Andrew and I will be staying with my family later this week and helping with preparations for that.

If you would, please pray for me.  I've recently been going through some tough situations and have been dealing with a lot of emotions, frustration, hurt, and stress.  God is still good always and I trust that He will help me to make it through the hard stuff and make wise decisions.  I am so thankful also for my husband and family at this time, who have been voices of love, reason, encouragement, and wisdom for me.

Hope you all have a beautiful Monday!  If you haven't, please be sure to fill out the new blog survey!  I would love to hear from you!



Rachel said...

Your hairstyle is very pretty and unique!

Hannah Elise said...

You are so gorgeous! And I love the hairstyle. Thanks for telling us how to do it; I'll definitely be trying that once my hair gets longer!

Patrizia said...

you look lovely :) love your hair like this :)

Josie said...

You are just so gorgeous!! I love your outfit and your hairstyle. So pretty and feminine. Love you girl!

Ashley@ stay-at-home daughter said...

Still praying for you friend.