Monday, June 3, 2013

Modestly Monday {No. 36} Super Casual!

Superman T-shirt-- Thrifted
Blue Jeans-- Thrifted
Tennis Shoes-- Payless Shoes
Assorted Bracelets-- Gifts and bought at the Opera
Multi-Colored Earrings-- crafted by me

 Are you cheating yourself of some incredible, feminine experience when you wear jeans and a t-shirt?
Ladies, you know that I love to dress like a woman.  Ribbons, lace, the lot!  But there are times when it just isn't practical.  For as girly as I am, I also have quite a bit of the practical in me.

One of my rules for dressing is being balanced.  Don't wear a gown to church and don't wear torn jeans to a wedding.
Yes, it is quite basic and only takes a twinge of common sense to grasp.

When you underdress or overdress, you won't only end of being uncomfortable, you could make others uncomfortable.  The whole point of modesty is to not draw attention to yourself.  Sometimes wearing jeans and a t-shirt fits the bill for modest, balanced attire.  It might not be super-girly, but it sure makes a lot more sense when you're fishing.  :-)

This outfit was perfect for a Saturday fishing adventure with my hubby and two sisters.  We went to several locations and my choice of "Super" Casual was perfect for sitting on the damp ground, standing into the water slightly, and fish turning up everywhere!  :-)

These earrings tied in with the color of my shirt so well that I couldn't resist wearing them.

 The two beaded bracelets were a gift from my Mom and I just love wearing them!  I bought this red bracelet after seeing "Les Miserables" live at the Cadillac Theatre!  "Dream the Dream"... oh yes, I will!

This shirt was a tiny bit baggy on me, so I kept it half-tucked to keep it from blowing all over.  I also decided not to wear any eye makeup (which is actually quite usual for me)... water and makeup are never a good mix.  :-)

Hope you all have a blessed Monday!


Josie said...

What a fun outfit! I love everything! And the hair- oh my goodness, so pretty!

Natasha Atkerson said...

Still cute, Rachel!
Casual is sometimes the only way to go!

I agree, there are certain situations and times when dresses aren't appropriate. I won't wear a skirt or dress to move chairs, or things like that. Or a situation where I know I'll be on the floor, crawling around, or doing something where a skirt would be bad.
Or when I just don't feel like wearing a skirt =)
A Modest Fashion Blog:

Rachel said...

It's definitely true that sometimes you just have to be practical in how you dress! I think I would feel rather uncomfortable wearing a skirt while fishing! I love your bright and colorful earrings!

Hannah Elise said...

It's still really pretty, even if it is casual :) I don't have too many really casual tees, which I need to amend, since they're all I can wear living where I do. When I go places, then I can dress up :)