Thursday, May 23, 2013

Modestly Thursday??? Know your convictions

Lacey Blouse- Gift
White Undershirt- Walmart
Jean Shorts- Walmart
Brown Sandals- Gift
Flower Hairclip- Hobby Lobby
Hoop Earrings- Meijer
Lady in the Wind Necklace- handcrafted by me
Ribbon in my hair- ??? craft box???

Now is the time for all of the girls who've been following my blog to gasp at my shorts.  ;-)  I can remember the times I'd followed a blog for a long time and all of a sudden this perfect girl on the blog I loved would wear something outside of my convictions and my idol would come crashing down, leaving me a mess of confusion.

I really don't want to do that to anyone here!

I have talked modesty with lots of people.  I have talked modesty with the two most important men in my life: my husband (first of all) and my Dad (because he was first).  :-)  Their perspectives have both really helped me to understand what "draws a man's eyes" and what really doesn't effect them.  I've learned that there is no magic line of modesty.  It changes with body types, clothing styles, and what the item is. 

Like some shirts dip to a certain point on your chest and they still look modest.  Other styles hit that same point and aren't modest at all!

This is why it is so important to know your convictions.  One of mine is to not wear skirts above my knees.  You might look at this outfit now and think I'm a hypocrite, but wait a second!  :-)

Here are the reasons I don't buy higher-than-my-knees skirts/dresses:
I will probably wear them to church and I do NOT want to distract people from the Lord
Skirts are constantly blowing around and they WILL get higher at some point
When I sit down (unless I'm extremely careful), people could easily see WAY TOO FAR up.

I only desire to wear shorts this length or longer.  The reason they don't cause the same problems as a skirt that length is that I won't be wearing them to church, shorts don't blow in the wind, and they don't change much in length or reveal too much when I sit down.

BUT I also don't wear shorts any higher than these for the same reason I don't wear short skirts: I still don't want to expose too much.

I know my convictions.  I can keep cool without feeling that I've compromised.

Okay... deep breath... moving on.

This outfit is such fun for me.  It mixes comfort for the warmer days with my love for things vintage.

I accessorized with a simple necklace and *big* hoops.  I had fun with my hair by adding a flower and a little ribbon to tie off my braid.  Instead of a regular braid, I did a four-strand braid, which brings in my love for the Celtic/Renaissance style.

Hope you all have a wonderful remainder of the week!  Tonight I will be attending a music recital in which my sisters will be performing (Jessie on violin, Natalie and Samantha on piano).  Tomorrow I will be spending the day with my family and then going with my hubby to a youth event a family at our church is hosting.  I just adore the teenagers at my church!  They are awesome!



Hannah Elise said...

Beautiful! I love four-strand braids. They don't seem too "well-known," so to speak, so you feel a little "different" when wearing them, in contrast to just doing a three-strand braid :)

Thank you for sharing your convictions! I love your beliefs about modesty.

Natasha Atkerson said...

Awesome braid! I'll have to try it some time on my hair!

I respect you all the more for sharing your "aka dark side" LOL!
I think you're right about putting modest dressing people on a pedestal, it can be hard to find out their just human. There also has to be a balance between realizing everyone has different standards, and backing down on our beliefs. I've been on both sides, being too critical/judgemental and not saying anything. We have to rely heavily on God to direct us! I've said things before when I thought someone was comprimising, but the other day I was on someones blog and she was wearing really short shorts and a shirt that was too tight, but I really didn't feel like it was my place to say something. So instead I just exed out.
I should also mention that I don't think your shorts are too short, at least in my opinion! And that shirt is adorable! I'm not saying this because I think your shirt is immodest (it's not!) but I never feel comfortable in sleeveless shirts! Yet I never think they look immodest on someone else! Weird. I guess it's a perfect example of different standards for different people.
A Modest Fashion Blog:

grace said...

This is the cutest outfit yet!


Livia Rachelle said...

I love the four strand braid. I need to try this.

I adore your top, oh, my goodness I love ruffles!

Rachel said...

Everyone does have different standards and has had different upbringings--so there is certainly no reason to judge others for their modesty or lack of it. For me, the most important part of modesty is dressing in a way that my husband approves of and enjoys. I used to dress much more covered up--I lived in the tropics for 4 years and never once wore shorts...but my husband has shared with me that he wants me to wear shorts. Personally, I'm uncomfortable wearing shorter skirts, sleeveless shirts, and shorts as well--but my husband has specifically requested shorts, so when we're together at home or when we're going out on a date together, I'll occasionally wear my 1 pair of shorts (that he picked out) because he wants me to. (And if I do wear them I'll often get my legs sunburned because they are used to not seeing the sun) :P

OldFashionGirl said...

Oh goodness! Your shorts are fine! And you are so lovely too-inside and out. You have such a great blog, and I have followed you for over a year, so I just wanted to say hi.

Ashley@ stay-at-home daughter said...

Beautiful post.

Modesty is hard to define sometimes with all of the variables (different body types, different cultures, different circumstances) but I love to see other women who encourage me towards modesty and have hearts that seek after the Lord in this matter.