Tuesday, May 21, 2013

dressing my tresses

I am very much the romantic type.  I love flowy skirts and blouses.  I love lace and pearls.  I love braid and soft curls.

It is SO tempting with long hair to pull it up into a bun every day (especially days like today when I didn't put on a bunch of makeup and am staying home) for the sake of ease and just not having it everywhere and in everything.  :-P
BUT my romantic side wins out quite often and out come the soft, feminine hairstyles.

I washed my hair yesterday, so today I just brushed it out and curled it loosely with my iron.

Taking a strand not from the very front, but just a little bit back, I twisted it and bobby-pinned it to the back of my hair.

I left the other side loose for less of a "perfect" look and more of a carefree style.

So yes, that is what I did with my long hair today.  :-)  Hope you enjoyed this simple post.

I will, hopefully, be posting another outfit tomorrow or Thursday.  Thank you for all of your feedback on my last post!

God bless!


Annie said...

I love this! So pretty and feminine!

Becca Anne said...

soo pretty Rachel, and so simple. Love it!!

Hannah Elise said...

It's beautiful! I'm very much with you: romantic styles are amazing. And you do them so well and look so great in them! Oh ... do you have any tips on growing your hair out--healthy?

A Restful Place said...

So pretty!! I am guilty of putting my hair back to keep it out of everything! :-/

Rachel said...

Hannah Elise~
I'm really no expert of super-healthy hair stuff (I'm guilty of perming my hair, using a hair dryer, and using heated irons!). I'm actually hoping to start trying a more natural way of washing and conditioning my hair soon though! If I do and it turns out well, I will probably end up doing a blog post about it! :-)

Patrizia said...

Just beautiful! Looks lovely :)

Leah K. Oxendine said...

Beautiful! Most of the time I just put my hair in a bun, but leaving it down like this looks sooo much more elegant and pretty.

-Leah Kathryn

Kelsey Bang said...

your hair looks stunning! love the twist in it!