Monday, April 29, 2013

Modestly Monday {No. 32} Just around the corner

Blue-Striped Collared Shirt- Thrifted
Black and White Patterned Tank Top- Walmart
Black Undershirt- Walmart
Blue Jeans- gift or thrifted
Tennis Shoes- Walmart
Sunglasses- Walmart?
Flower Hairclip- friend's wedding

This was such a fun "going out to run errands" outfit.  I wore this last Saturday when Andrew and I went out for a bunch of running around the large city we live in to find all different sorts of thing.  It was very comfortable and practical... yet very me!

Me with my splash of color: light purple hairpiece. 

Jessie (my photographer for this outfit and also the next) thought this was a "cool pose"... I'm not so sure if I'm pulling off a "cool" look with this one... :-P

If none of you noticed, this outfit also involves pattern-mixing... something I don't do too terribly often.  I really enjoyed this outfit though!!!  Yay!

Black Floral Blouse- Meijer
Black Undershirt- Walmart
Light Purple Peasant/Whimsy Skirt-  Thrifted
Black Flats- Walmart
Silver Hoops- Meijer
Flower Hairclip (not seen in this picture)- friend's wedding

I wore this outfit for my birthday last week.  It was very much "me" in that it perfectly joined comfort with femininity!  I just love when a plan comes together...  :-)

This blouse is a new favorite of mine.  It was one I held up in the store, really liking it, and Andrew said, "Yes!  You should try that on; I really like it!"
 I thought it might be a bit "stiff" and hard to get off and on because of the fabric in the front of the shirt, but the solid black material on the back makes it very "stretchy" and easy to move around in.  Just love it!

Hope you enjoyed today's post!  I'm going to be extremely busy this week with setting up my new home!  Our move went very well, though my family went through a rough time when, on Thursday night, two of their golden retrievers (they had three in all, two females and a male) escaped from the back yard and were both hit on the highway outside the house.  Cali, Jessie's dog, was killed instantly and Daisy, my mom's dog, had to be put down a few hours later because of the extent of her injuries.  It has been really hard on my family the last few days, but they are starting to heal and even look at new puppies to help their hearts and also help their lone dog, Cooper, who isn't doing much since the other two dogs died.

I also lost a pet this weekend... but he was just a fish (and also the problem fish in the 30 gallon tank), so not too sad about this.  We've bought a replacement for him, so now our fish are two Betta fish (Javert and Rory), one Tiger Oscar (Ronan), and four African Cichlids (Isildur, Sprite, Perry, and NEW FISH, Malcolm). 

Andrew and I also went for a "day off" yesterday with my family for a peaceful getaway at a location my family vacations at whenever possible.  It was such a fun afternoon... but now the real world has to be faced again and I have TONS of work to do!

So... there's the scoop on my life recently.  I will hopefully be posting pictures of our new home as I unpack the rooms and get them set up as our new home.  We already love our new place and are so blessed by how the Lord has provided!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!
God bless!


Hannah Elise said...

Oh ... that's so hard to lose pets. :( I'm glad your family is doing so well though!

grace said...

Cute outfit!!


(We are doing a cute scarf giveaway ;)