Monday, April 15, 2013

Modestly Monday {No. 31} Two Outfits AND a Fun Survey!

 So yes, like most Modestly Monday posts, I will be sharing two outfits from my week.  As an added fun bonus, I'm doing a survey as well!  Hope you enjoy this post!

Tan and Black Tunic- Thrifted
Black Undershirt- Walmart
Black Slacks- Thrifted
Black Flats- Thrifted
Bird and Flower Necklace- charms bought at Hobby Lobby, necklace crafted by me
Earrings- Meijer
Hairclip- Gift

This tunic is a recent purchase.  Andrew and I were thrift-shopping when he saw it and asked me what I thought of it.  I liked how unique it was and decided to buy it (just love when Andrew finds stuff for me!).

It is rather sheer and dips quite low in both the front and back, so my black undershirt was the perfect modesty solution!  Yay!

My choice of necklace and earrings added the splash of color this outfit needed.

I did a small waterfall braid on one side of my hair; simple, but adds that extra touch.

Pink Plaid Wool Jacket- Thrifted
Lace and Light Teal Blouse- Meijer
White Basic Halftee-
Blue Jeans- Thrifted
White "Crocheted" Flats- Walmart
Flower Pendant Necklace- crafted by me

This is one of my favorite casual outfits of all time.  It embodies my personality so perfectly.

I love lace and girly stuff.  I love comfort in my clothes.  I love to be warm.  I love flower pendants.  I LOVE this wool jacket that I've had for many years.  I love this combination of colors...
I'm just so happy in this outfit!

*serious face*  :-P

I've recently become a Halftee lover.  Because I have such a long torso, I've usually only worn undershirts that add length (something the halftee does do), so I didn't think I'd find much use in something like this undershirt.  WAS I WRONG.  It may not add length, but it is perfect for underneath longer tops that need that extra coverage up top and also perfect for underneath sundresses!  So yes, I really love these halftees.  I bought a size small (the one pictured above), which fits great around me, but was almost too short (again with the long torso), so I bought my brown halftee in a size medium which fits great length-wise.

Yesterday was a beautiful day for pictures (as you can tell by how happy I am to be outside!).

Okay, so on to the survey!  My birthday is one week from today (April 22nd) and it will start several months of many birthdays and events including Andrew's birthday on May 14th and our FIRST ANNIVERSARY on May 19th!  So in honor of Andrew's and my first birthdays as a married couple and our FIRST ANNIVERSARY coming up, I'm doing a Can You Guess? survey!  It's just a little list of fun questions to see how much you can figure out about Andrew and me.  I will post the answers in a few days.  I would ask that you ONLY post your answers on the survey with no added stuff about it in your comments (except if you want to comment telling me that you did the survey); some of you may know more than others and I don't want anyone giving things away, okay?!  :-)  This is simply for fun and I hope you enjoy it (and maybe learn some interesting stuff about Andrew and me!).

I hope you all have a wonderful day!

God bless!


Leah said...

I took the quiz...we'll see how well I did :-) I loved the last option on the question on how you two met--so fun :-)

Josie said...

I took the quiz, Rachel. I feel like I did pretty well, except for one or two. Hehe. I love the outfits today. Though I think the second one is my favorite. It's so very you!

Blythe said...

Cute outfits.
lol,took the survey,but it was totally a hit or miss. :p

Rachel said...

Don't you love wearing an outfit that feels so perfectly you? I always can tell when an outfit truly suits me because of how happy I am while wearing it! And it's also fun when the husband picks out clothes for you!

Rachel Ledbetter said...

I did the survey. Blessings to you,

Natasha Atkerson said...

OH my, YES! Halftees are AWESOME! I've worn mine so much it's starting to get wear spots! Not due to low quality, but the fact that I've worn it so much, too much really...
I'll take your survey, though I doubt I'll get very much right! ;)

My birthday is the day before your husbands! May seems to be quite a common birthday month.
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