Monday, April 8, 2013

Modestly Monday {No. 30} the girl of many scarves

Gah!, the weather has been gorgeous here!  I just love spring!  It has still been chilly, hence the lengthy sleeves.  Hope ya'll enjoy this post!

Flying Birds Sweatshirt- Walmart
Black Undershirt- Walmart
Blue Jeans- can't remember...
Pink Multi-Patterned Scarf- Meijer
Moccasins- Thrifted

When I first saw this sweatshirt, I loved it.  The color, the birds, everything... so, I waited and waited until it went on sale and was able to buy it for less than two dollars!  *happy dance*

This scarf is another new favorite.  Meijer was having a buy-one-get-one-free sale on their scarves and I didn't have any patterned pink scarves.  I've worn it a couple of times now and continue to really like it.

Tan Cardigan- Walmart
Black Undershirt- Walmart
Blue Skinny Jeans- Walmart
Red Multi-Patterned Scarf- Meijer
Moccasins- Thrifted

This red scarf is the free scarf I got at Meijer.  It was very different from my usual style and choice in scarves, so I hesitated in getting it... but I decided to take a chance and actually really like it!

I wore this outfit when I was babysitting my siblings last week and it was a great combination of casual/"able to keep up with the kids" and still cute/fashionable.

Can anyone tell how much I love these moccasins?  :-)

Also, I'm sure some of you have noticed my change in hairstyle from tons of perm-curls to either straight or iron-curled hair.  My perm has finally begun to wear itself out and is slowly going back to normal.  I do have to straighten it for it to look like it does in these pics, but it doesn't take too long anymore.  I'm really ready to have my old hair back.  While I did love having curly hair, the maintanence on straight hair is so much easier (at least for me) and I've decided I like how it frames my face better.

ALSO, thanks to all of you who have prayed for Andrew and me to find a new apartment.  Andrew and I have found a place that we love and have sent in our applications (and a downpayment, in case we're approved, to hold the apartment).  It is a very nice place in a good location and would give us that extra bit of space so we can actually have people over for visits.  With many of our friends and all of Andrew's family living far away, that is really important to us!  Prayers that we would be able to get this apartment would be very appreciated.  We're really excited and would love to call it home for the next year, if God wills it.

Hope you all have a lovely day!
God bless!


Mikailah Autumn said...

Such lovely outfits, Rachel! :) My sisters and I absolutely love scarves, and we're always wearing them. ;) So glad that you and Andrew found an apartment! Praying that your application is accepted. :)

::Hugs:: and blessings,

Anna Park said...

You should do an 100 ways to tie a scarf post, your's always look so cute! Enjoy your spring!!
<3 Anna

Josie said...

Scarves are wonderful, aren't they? The first scarf is my favorite, however. I think you can guess why. But all outfits are very cute, feminine and fashionable! And I love your hair straight- very pretty! Love you!

Rebekah Bradford said...

I LOVE scarves! And I like how you styled that shirt from walmart! I liked it when I saw it at walmart a while ago, but I never bought it. I'm always a little cautious with walmart clothes...but sometimes they can be really cute (like this shirt for instance...)