Monday, April 1, 2013

Modestly Monday {No. 29} Of Spring-Filled Breezes

Oh yes, spring is here.  The snow is gone and I am no longer in need of my heavy coats!

This girl is happy.

Mint Polka-Dot Blouse- Meijer
White Undershirt- Walmart
Blue Jeans- don't remember...
White Flats- Walmart
Golden Flower Earrings- Gift

I'm super excited about these new undershirts I found at Walmart.  Technically they could be used as workout shirts (they're a stretchy, uber-comfy material).  They are plenty long for my torso, they don't have noodle-straps (that way I can wear them with shirts that are a bit more on the see-through side like this blouse, and they are reversible so you can choose whether you want a v-neck or a scoop-neck!  *happy dance*  I have three of these shirts now in different colors (white, black, and light pink)and I LOVE them.

So, this new blouse is now in my top-ten favorite shirts to wear.  It can be dressed up or down SO easily and is incredible girly-yet-comfortable.  I've now worn it with jeans for a weekday and ALSO with a jean skirt and accessories for Sunday morning as seen in this next ouftit.

Pink Undershirt- Walmart
Blue Jean Skirt- Thrifted
"Crocheted" Flats- Walmart
White Flower Hair Pins- Walmart
Pink and Gold Butterfly Necklace- Handcrafted by me

Again, here I'm wearing one of those amazing undershirts with my mint blouse.  This time I wore the light pink one to tie in my pinkish necklace that I made a couple of weeks ago.

I'm in love with my new flats.  They are very me... vintage and feminine.  Yup. 

I'm also loving flower hairclips right now.  They really add such a sweet tough to outfits with hardly any effort!

Pink and Brown Sundress- Walmart
Brown Blouse- Thrifted
Crocheted Vest- Walmart
Pink Beaded Flip-flops- Gift

I really like how this outfit turned out.  I'm also loving the fact I was able to wear short-sleeves and flip-flops!!!  Can you tell that I'm happy it is getting warmer?

For my hairstyle, I just curled it and then loosened the curls by running my fingers through them (and shaking upside-down until I nearly fell over); the only other thing I did was clip a strand back... very simple.

What are yours favorite things about spring? 

One for me is being able to open all of the windows and get rid of the winter-stuffiness!  This week I'll be organizing and cleaning the apartment... we've accumulated quite a few piled of things around the house.  Also, in light of the fact we'll hopefully be moving soon, we don't need quite as much of our junk just laying around right now... so hopefully the apartment will look sparkling and pretty by the time I'm done! 

Hope you all have a loverly day!
God bless!


Rachel Hope said...

That dress is just lovely. And that necklace is the same, I would love to know where you buy your beads.
It's so great when you find bargain clothing that really works, as a fellow modest dresser I get the excitement of finding undershirts that really work. When they don't you have a whole world of issues. Spring is my favorite just because I love green, I love when the trees get buds that just give the branches a hint of color, it's this perfect blend of spindly branch and soft green. It's so short before full leaves bloom, so I will be soaking that in.
Blessings ~ Rachel Hope

Marie said...

Wow I love those outfits ! You're doing such a great job at putting together outfits that are classy and cute ! I love the denim skirt and polka dotted mint-ty blouse...Can't wait to try this myself ! And the beautiful dress...I pinned both of these outfits right away ;-)
Have a great week !
Blessings from France!

Josie said...

Two super pretty, modest, and feminine outfits. Love them both!

Megan and Abby said...

I LOVE the blouse! Very pretty outfits!

Sereina Charise said...

You blue polka dot blouse is so pretty! And so is the necklace you made.

Annie said...

I LOVE these outfits, Rachel, thanks for sharing! You're beautiful. :) Your hair in the pictures of the dress is especially lovely. I could go on and on.....

One of the things I love about spring is the sun. :) So nice to see it again after a long winter. So thankful for the light and warmth it gives.

Have a happy spring!

Livia Rachelle said...

Oh, I love the shade of mint-I know it is trendy, but I love it.
Your hair looks lovely curled. Does it loose its curl quickly? Mine is really long (about to natural waist) and thick and even when I hair spray my curls reeeallly loosen by the end of the day while when I straighten my hair-even with no hairspray, the smoothness lasts overnight.

Rachel said...

Rachel~ I get my beads at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and; sometimes also at Walmart or Meijer when they happen to have super-cute stuff.

Livia~ My hair holds curl quite well, so I don't usually have problems with it loosening up too quickly (I like a slightly relaxed curl anyway). I put mousse in my hair before curling and that probably helps too with the curl lasting longer.
Same for me with straightening. I certainly love having the option of having straight or curly hair on a whim. :-)

Thank you ladies for your comments! Blessings!

Anonymous said...

Rachel, I love your last outfit!! That is so beautiful. And I love your hair curled.
I love opening the windows, flippies, going barefoot, sitting on the porch, and soakin' in the sunshine!