Monday, March 25, 2013

Modestly Monday {No. 28} Silver white winters that melt into springs...


Sing with me: "These are a few of my favorite things"! 
If you don't know this song, I am appalled and now plead with you to go watch "The Sound of Music" this instant!  ;-)

Did anyone else get snow over the weekend???  It was so lovely here on Saturday, warm enough that I didn't need a coat... but with Sunday came heavy snowfall and we're back to the winter weather that just doesn't want to leave this year.
Thankfully I was able to get these outfit pictures before it turned freezing again.

Tan Cardigan- Walmart
Pink Floral Blouse- Thrifted
White Cami- Walmart
Red Skinny Jeans- Walmart
Moccasins- Thrifted

I'm really trying to incorporate spring-themed clothes into my outfits despite how cold it still is here in Indiana.  I just refuse to stay in winter clothes when it is nearly April!

The pictures are rather bright since they were taken mid-day (when it was warm enough to go out for a few minutes without something warmer than a cardigan on!) and make the blouse look more white, but it is actually a really pretty pink.

For my hair, I simply used a curling iron; after getting it nice and hot, I wrapped my hair around the outside (not really using the iron the normal way).  This gave my hair more of a full, wavy, fly-away look (which is, personally, my favorite hairstyle), rather than tight and more "proper" curls.

Pink Sweater- Thrifted
White Cami- Walmart
Blue Jean Skirt- Thrifted
Striped Stockings- don't remember
Black Boots- Walmart
Silver Letter "N" Necklace- don't remember
Pink Bracelet- handmade

Natalie modeled this spring-themed outfit for me!  She has such a lovely taste in clothing; young and playful, yet pretty and feminine.  And all four of those things describe her perfectly, of course.

I'm extremely jealous of these boots!  :-)

 Lovely sister...

Thanks for letting my include this outfit, Natalie!  You are so extremely awesome and the best Natalie ever!!!

So Ladies, have you all started wearing spring-themes outfits yet???  How has it been so far this spring balancing weather and fashion?

Hope you ladies enjoyed this post! 

God bless 


Rachel said...

I haven't been loving the below-freezing Spring temperatures we've been having, either! We had snow last week, but most of it was gone by Sunday, so at least I was able to wear shoes other than snow boots for the first time in months! Both of your outfits are pretty, and I have boots very similar to your sister's--I love them!

Hannah Elise said...

You can definitely tell you two are sisters :) You are both so beautiful!

I'm not complicated when it comes to fashion in the summer-winter months. Basically I allow black nylons, boots, and sweaters October-April and don't allow them April-October :) I'm sad because it's almost April and I'll be putting away most of my clothes soon--I don't have a lot of summer clothes! :(

Rebecca Ann said...

Yes I agree with you all its hard when its freezing outside to wear our favorite spring outfits! For instance I cannot wear my favorite spring dress for Resurrection Sunday this Sunday since its so cold. I mean I guess I could, but I think I will stick with a wintery outfit. :)

I love your outfit Rachel and your sisters outfit is sweet too. I like the colored pants look on you too.

God bless!

Josie said...

Oh goodness, I love pink. Beautiful outfits, Rachel!

Rachel Ledbetter said...

I've been having a hard time wearing nice spring outfits! We get a few warm days here in Missouri, and then more snow! In Texas, I'd be getting ready for summer right now! I'm not use to this, being it's my first winter, here in Missouri! I love all of the snow, but I'm quite honestly ready for it to be completely spring time weather! I have gotten to wear a few cute spring outfits these past two or three weeks, but mostly I've still been wearing winter clothes! I have to walk to my job, so it makes it very much necessary to do so! I love your outfit, and your your sister's outfit! They both make me long for spring even more! Blessings to you,