Monday, March 18, 2013

Modestly Monday {No. 27} Green Everywhere!

Denim-Blue Collared Shirt- Walmart
Tan Sweater- Walmart
White Cami- Walmart
Green Skinny-Cut Pants- Dyed and restyled by me, original pants thrifted
Tennis Shoes- Walmart
Scarf- can't remember...
Headband- Handmade by me
Purse- gift

Oh, what a lovely Saint Patrick's Day I had with friends and family.  What a weekend of green, Irish accents, and playing ballads with my Mom and Jessie (me on the keyboard, Mom on the flute, and Jessie on the violin).  Mom also cooked an incredible Irish supper last night of corned beef and cabbage!  Fantastic eats!

So, in honor of my Irish heritage and the wonderful weekend I just had, here is a green-themed outfit post, including pics of the outfits the lassies in my family wore for our St. Patrick's Day party!

I wore this outfit on my date-night with Andrew last week.  It was such a fun evening of hanging out together, eating good food, and shopping.  :-)

Now, to the REALLY fun stuff!

Here's my Mom's outfit for our St. P's party!!!  Isn't she lovely?! 
I just adore her socks!

Sammie Dee has to be the cutest eight-year-old ever.  :-)

Jessie looks so classy!  Simply adorbs, right???

I just loved Natalie's accents with her necklace and hairstyle!  She looks so pretty!

My outfit:
Shamrock T-shirt- Walmart
Black Cami- Walmart
Green Skinny-Cut Pants- same as other outfit
Shamrock Earrings- Meijer
Irish Pin- Meijer

Hope you enjoyed these pics and outfits!  There will be more pics from the party in my Friday Favorites post this week.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!  Erin Go Bragh!

God bless!


Hannah Elise said...

I love all your outfits :) Especially your green nail polish! Are you part Irish? (I have a teensy bit of Irish in me, but am mostly Norwegian, German, and Czech.) Interesting thing I learned church yesterday (where, by the way, my only green accessory was my purse--and I got pinched several times): orange was the color of the Protestants on St. Patrick's Day; green the color of the Roman Catholics. I still like green better though!

Josie said...

You all are adorbs! I love both your outfits as well as everybody else's. I have a little Irish in me though I am mostly Welsh and German (but hey, Welsh- Irish... that's kind of close, right?) I am determined to have or attend a St. Patrick's Day party next year. This looks like it was such fun. Ok. That's all. <3