Saturday, March 23, 2013

because we all need to read more anyway...

The blogging world can be scary.  It means putting your heart out for complete strangers (or worse, people you know!) to see.  It means comments to can hurt or confuse or conflict.  It means taking risks.  It means the fear of never having more than 2 followers.

That's why I admire those who take the chance and start a blog.

I want to share links to a couple of these newer blogs that I am following.  The newest one of all is Patrizia's blog, Paper Mache.  Patrizia is a wonderful, Godly woman and the mother of five lovely daughters (two of which are sweet friends to me).  I don't know this lady personally, but she is such an inspiration and writes posts for people of all ages!

The second newest blog is Josie's blog, Beauty in the Making.  I first met this lovely young lady three years ago when we counselled at the same summer camp.  She has continued to be a dear friend to me and my family (especially my sister, Jessie).  She has wonderful things to say and has a beautiful heart for the Lord.

Two other fairly-new blogs I love are More Than Conquerors and Divine Design by sisters, Abby and Megan.  These dear ladies went to the same church as me for four years before the Lord led both of our families to ministries states away from each other.  The Lord has brought them through so much over the last couple of years and has formed so much maturity and love for Him in them as a result.  Visiting their blogs is always such a blessing.

So now, what is the point of this post???  Well, because none of these blogs have an enormous following yet, it would be so easy for you all to go on with your lives without ever knowing about them and missing out on a lot.  I'm just not going to let that happen!  Please take the time to visit these blogs, leave a comment to bless them, and then follow them so you can be blessed by these dear, Godly women.

Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!
God bless!


Patrizia said...

Wow, thank you, Rachel! I was pleasantly surprised to see you mention my blog :) Thank you! A blessing you are also to me. I am so grateful to have a young, married woman help me out with all the other ladies who are not yet wed. Your input is a blessing & Im glad that you are able to share from experience.

blessings a million times over!

Love, Patrizia

Josie said...

Thank-you for mentioning my blog, Rae! That was really sweet of you. I plan on checking out the other blogs you mentioned.