Monday, February 25, 2013

Modestly Monday {No. 24} Casual equals Cute (PLUS!) a fun DIY


I'm breaking a record with three outfits to share this week.  All three are, I believe, demonstrations of how you can dress in a more casual/comfy way and still look pretty/girly.  The last outfit also includes my new project!  Hope you enjoy!

Blue Cardigan- Walmart
Gray Cami- Walmart
Black Sweatpants- Walmart
Blue striped socks- can't remember...
Black Flats- Walmart
Gray striped scarf- can't remember...
Blue Earrings- handmade by me

Okay.  So.  Somedays (actually, a lot of days) I don't leave the house.  I do dishes.  I do laundry.  I work on projects.  It isn't always practical to wear the fancy clothing.  So, over time, I have developed a style that I enjoy on a day-to-day basis.  It is soft and comfortable, yet not boyish or grungy.

I like my casual outfits to still complement my personal taste.  Another great thing about dressing this way is that if you DO unexpectedly need to leave the house, you are already dressed to leave!  So nice and easy!

These blue earrings are a good touch at bringing femininity to this outfit.  I find that earrings or a bracelet can really change the whole look of clothing.  It is so fun!!!

Black Sweatshirt- custom made for my church
Black Cami- Walmart
Blue Jean Skirt- Thrifted
Black Boots- Walmart
Black Spotted Tights- Walmart
Dangly Earrings- Meijer

Sweatshirts can be feminine??? 
That was my first thought.  One tradition at my church (the Sunday after the teen retreat) is to wear our camp sweatshirts with our own church logo on the front to the morning service.  So I knew I would have to wear a rather un-girly top to church this last Sunday. 

I loved the theme of the retreat: "Unshackled, Unhindered, Unashamed"!

So, how did I make this sweatshirt cute?  First, I did my hair up in a fun, messy bun.  I went for more of a "playful" style with this outfit, so one of my favorite sets of earrings went perfectly and also brought some color to this outfit.

Next, I wore a cute knee-length jean skirt with spotted tights and furry black boots.  It was such a fun outfit to put together!
Okay, I'm sure you're wondering what my project is in my next outfit.  Okay, drumroll!!!


Okay, don't get too confused.  Let me explain.  I found this pair of slacks at Goodwill for a couple of dollars and decided that they would be perfect for an experiment I had been wanting to do (since I already had slacks that fit me well).  I wanted to make myself a pair of colored pants!

I bought this fabric dye at Joanne's Fabric and knew I didn't want the color to be quite as deep purple as the package showed, so I only bought one package (even though, with the amount of fabric I used, I should have used two packages).  Less dye meant a lighter color.  Perfect!

I followed the easy instructions and ended up with an adorable pair of lavender pants!  One other thing I did was take them in a little to make them more of a "skinny jean" style (I don't like wearing skin-tight pants, as I don't feel modest in them, so I made sure they weren't too tight).  I really like the cut of skinny jeans as long as they fit correctly (you know... not like a second layer of skin).

Gray Owl Sweatshirt- redesigned by me (see the DIY post here)
Black Cami- Walmart
Lavender Pants- dyed and refashioned by me (original slacks thrifted)
Gray Socks- borrowed from Andrew
Black Boots- Walmart
Black and Gray Scarf- can't remember...

I really like how these pants turned out!  I also made a pair of light blue pants (hopefully they will show up sometime in another outfit post!).

This outfit is another example of dressing in a girly, yet comfortable, way.   :-)   It was also very warm!!! Yay!

I hope you all enjoyed this post!  Thank you for all of your sweet comments on my last post.

Have a loverly week!  God bless!


Anna Cole said...

Aaahh... I love the third outfit so much. :D Oh goodness, you're inspiring me to start working on sewing again... Did you use a pattern for the owl sweatshirt? It's absolutely adorable!!!! :D

Kelsey said...

Love the last outfit. They are all so cute. I want that sweatshirt in the last outfit. Your so pretty~


Rachel said...

Thank you, ladies! Here is a link to the post I did when I made my owl sweatshirt:

God bless!

Anna Cole said...

Thank you! I'll definitely have to try this sometime! :)

Rachel said...

That's awesome that your project of coloring your own pants turned out so great! I like your playful earrings and the polka-dot tights, too!

Ashley@ stay-at-home daughter said...

I LOVE the spotted tights! Adorable!