Monday, February 11, 2013

Modestly Monday {No. 23} The Magic of a Scarf...

Gray and White Striped Tunic- Thrifted
Black Short-Sleeved Cardigan- Thrifted
Blue Jeans- can't remember...
Mocassins- Thrifted
Purple Scarf- Walmart

As a girl who owns many "neutral" colored items of clothing (just for the sake of being able to mix and match more), I have learned how incredibly helpful something as simple as a scarf can be!  Both of today's outfits will demonstrate how a scarf can change the whole look of an outfit, making it more colorful, creative, and fun to wear!

Observe: this outfit is mostly comprised of black, gray, and white.  The pictures below demonstrate how I feel when I'm only wearing those colors...
I love Black and White films, but when it comes to clothing, I prefer something with a little bit of color.  And here comes the scarf, flying to my rescue!  :-)

Another item I adore in this outfit is my short-sleeved cardigan.  I use it A LOT.  It really helps when trying to convert summer shirts and tunics into winter-wear!

So, on to a more dressy church-appropriate outfit...  with a SCARF!

Black Blazer- Thrifted
Black Cami- Walmart
Burgundy Skirt- Thrifted
Black Flats- Thrifted
Pink Dangly Earrings- handmade by me
Light Blue, Gray, and Pink Lacey Scarf- little shop I can't remember the name of that my family went to when we were on vacation.

So, again, take the scarf away and we have a fairly dark-colored, not terribly exciting outfit.  We don't want that! 

This scarf is one of my favorites!  It has lace, it has tiny little flowers on the fabric... yeah, it is pretty much the perfect scarf for me.  :-)

These earrings were also a fun addition.  I made them a while back (before I had peirced ears) and they were too heavy to use as clip-ons.  So I waited and waited to use them and now I can!

Yes, the famous black flats that I wear almost once in every outfit post.  :-P  What can I say?  They match a lot of the outfits I wear!
I did my hair in a flower bun- one of my fail-safe hairstyles.  These aren't the best pictures ever, but I was taking them myself, so... there's my excuse! 
Here's a hairstyle I could do a tutorial on if anyone is interested.  Let me know if you're not sure how to do this and would like to know how!

I hope you ladies enjoyed this post!  I probably won't be doing a Friday Favorites this week and next week's Modestly Monday, as I'll be out-of-town.  I will try to get one more post up this week before departing though!

Have a loverly day and God bless!


Kelsey said...

love both of the outfits! Number 2 is my fav. so adorable!!!!! It would be great to see a tutorial on that hairstyle:-) You are so pretty~


Natasha Atkerson said...

Both outfits are lovely, Rachel!
I would love to know how you did your hair! It looks so cute in a Butterfly bun!
A Modest Fashion Blog:

Alison said...

Yes, please do a tutorial on the flower bun! I work in a restaurant so I have to have my hair up and I'm interested in other fun ways to do it.

Lovely outfits!

Rebecca Stricker said...

I love scarves too! They keep you warm and look nice. :) I <3 the striped top in outfit 1 and the red skirt in outfit 2. I enjoy seeing your outfits! Keep it up! I am starting to do more outfit posts on my blog too. I love seeing other bloggers outfits for inspiration. Sometimes one can get stuck in a rut when it comes to looking nice.

God bless!

Sereina Charise said...

Love your second outfit! The skirt is a pretty color and your scarf is beautiful too!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful outfits! I love style and modesty together. Love your jeans, too. They are modestly loose. :)


Anonymous said...

I'm interested in seeing the bun tutorial! :)

Marie said...

I absolutly love outfit #2...The scarf is such a staple in my closet ! And I love the way you style your hair ! Mine is curly yet not as much as yours.
Blessings from France