Monday, February 4, 2013

Modestly Monday {No. 22} Splash of Color

Yellow Blouse- Meijer
White Lace Cami- Walmart
Blue Jeans- either thrifted or hand-me-downs
Moccassins- Thrifted
Red Bead Necklace- handmade be me
Fabric Bangle- handmade be me
Golden Flower Earrings- Target
Off-White Crocheted Bow Bracelet (turned hair-tie)- K-mart

This week's Modestly Monday includes two outfits AND the first videos featuring yours truly on this blog as I demonstrate how to do the hairstyle I wore in last week's fashion post!  I'm really excited about this post and I hope you all enjoy it!

I bought this blouse recently, wanting to branch out by owning my first yellow shirt!  I wasn't sure when I first saw it if this blouse would be right for me, but once I tried it on, I really wanted to own it!

I'm wearing some of my favorite jewelry pieces.  I'm especially in love with this fabric-wrapped bangle I made last year.  Also, my hairstyle is the same fancy side braid from last week's outfit post (these pics were taken on the day I made my video!).

Usually I like slightly longer or bigger earrings than these, but I am IN LOVE with this particular pair of earrings right now!  I got this pair in a set of three pair on sale for less than $2 at Target last week!

Teal Sweater- Thrifted
Black Lace Cami- Walmart
Black and White Skirt- Thrifted
Red Boots- Thrifted
Black Bracelet- can't remember :-)
Black Beaded Necklace (turned headband)- handmade by me
Black Rose Hair Clip- Hobby Lobby

I don't mind wearing only black and white, but sometimes (especially in the dull colors of the winter months) I like adding those few accents that bring color.  Hence the teal sweater and red boots ending up in the same outfit!

My husband described this outfit as "retro". Not quite what I intended, but I like it! :-) 

Alright!  On to the videos!  It was so funny watching this after recording it... you know how your own voice and expressions never sound and look quite like you thought they did???  ;-)  And no, the hairstyle doesn't take so long to do that I had to make two movies... it's just that I talk a lot. 

I hope you enjoy this as I introduce myself, share a little bit, and also teach you a quick and easy way to do a fun and fancy side braid!

Have a wonderful day and God bless!


Michaela said...

Ok. So your cute. <3 <3

Rebecca Stricker said...

I really enjoyed seeing and hearing you in a video Rachel! What a great idea! Thank you so much for pursuing Christ through your blog and videos. Its an encouragement to me.

God bless,

Hannah Elise said...

This style is beautiful and you did a great job! Thank you :) I'd love to see more.

Josie said...

Oh my goodness, my friend, you are too adorable for words. I love you and I loved your videos. You should definitely do more. Maybe more hair tutorials and some creative writing things? :)

Anonymous said...

Um, I think you need to do more videos! I loved watching this! I feel like I know you a lot better now.

Also, has anyone ever told you that your voice sounds like Candace Cameron's? I think so. Beautiful! :-)

Natasha Atkerson said...

Both outfits are beauitful, Rachel!
Unfortunately, I'm still on dial-up (you can stop laughing now...)
so I can't watch your video, but I'm sure it's fantastic!
A Modest Fashion Blog:

Anonymous said...

Love this! You look so much like Nat in these pictures! :)

Megan and Abby said...

Rae, you have no idea....
I laughed when you said the bit about how you ought to stop talking and get on with the tutorial... and that you talk a lot....
I love you so much!!! :) And, I miss all your crazy mannerisms. It was wonderful to hear your voice again! Please do more videos!
Love Abby