Monday, December 3, 2012

Modestly Monday {No. 15} December Flower

Blue Floral Blouse- Thrifted
Black Cardigan- Thrifted
Blue Jeans- Thrifted
Black Belt- Thrifted
Black Flats- Thrifted
Black Cameo Necklace- Made by Me!

This week's outfit is a simple, fun way of making a summer blouse good for the colder days!

A completely thrifted outfit!!!  Who says you have to spend tons of money to wear good, fun clothes?  Certainly not me.

So... to make my flowy summer blouse not look to "poofy", I simply wore a belt around it and a cardigan over it!  Easy as that!  This simple trick is so nifty for making your clothing spread all year round.

The necklace is one of my favorites.  I think the charm was found at a garage sale years ago... I love the uniqueness and how it matches most of my clothes.  :-)

This was a very fun, comfortable outfit.  I would love to find (or make) a black belt that is elastic, that way it gives more when I sit down instead of becoming tight around my ribs.  :-)  Note from experience:  when putting on your belt around your shirts, make sure to try sitting down to be sure it doesn't need loosening just for comforts' sake!

Hope you all have had a blessed weekend!  Yesterday was such a fun day for me!  Andrew and I have rejoined the worship team at our church (also my family's church where we've both been part of worship ministry before marriage).  It was such fun playing together and being with the other people on the team... leading worship is amazing (especially practice time just playing... that's when the team really worships together... so beautiful and powerful).

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!  Check back soon!

God bless!


Anonymous said...

Love this outfit! It's encouraging to know that you can find such pretty things at thrift or consignment stores. Also, beautiful cameo necklace. :)
Blessings to you, sweet friend!

Natasha Atkerson said...

Gorgeous! Love florals-appropriate for all seasons if you ask me!
Cute outfit, Rachel!
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