Monday, November 5, 2012

Modestly Monday {No. 14} So many outfits!!!

Blue Sweater- Thrifted
Black Cami- Walmart
Blue Jeans- Hand-me-downs
Black Flats- Thrifted
Black Dress Socks- Bought new at a thrift store
Blue Necklace- shop in Florida (bought during honeymoon!) 

This week's Modestly Monday is something very special!  Andrew and I went to spend the weekend with my family, so I have outfit pictures of my four younger sisters as well as my two outfits to share!!!
So, yes, there are many pictures in this post.

I love wearing blue.  It's such a nice, clear color.

Funny/random story completely unrelated to this outfit: these two pics were taken in the entry of our apartment (there are four apartments that use this area).  When we first moved here (and for the first few months) it smelled very strongly of cigarette smoke.  Both of us being non-smokers, the smell was very hard on Andrew and me (and could give us headaches).  At some point, someone started spraying air freshener in the entry, so it started to smell like fruity cigarette smoke.  Bleh!  Now it mostly just smells fruity... quite a good change.

I must warn you all, you will probably be seeing me wearing a lot of sweaters for the next few months.  I get cold so easily and I love sweaters!  Plus, I've come to realize that there are many ways to look fashionable in a big sweater!  Yay!!!

Brown Turtle-Neck Sweater- Either hand-me-down or thrifted and altered to my size
Brown Cami- Walmart
Blue Jeans- Hand-me-downs
Tan Boots- Thrifted
Metal Feather Earrings- Meijer
Assortment of bangles- Walmart
Wooden Bear Bracelet- Made by Me!

I love this style of clothing.  The earth-tones, the bracelets, the "indian-style" earrings, the loose sleeves on the sweater.  It was so comfortable!  And three cheers for being warm!

Sage Green Jacket- Thrifted
Maroon Blouse- Thrifted
White Cami- Walmart
Jean Skirt- Thrifted
Tan Boots- Gift

I love Jessie's mixture of colors and different textures in her Sunday morning outfit.  No two things were the same color, yet they all blend so beautifully together to make such a cute outfit!

Side note: aren't front porched wonderful?  I can't to have one someday!  I'll just have to keep loving my tiny back deck until then.  :-)

Black and White Sweatshirt- Garage Sale
Dark Pink Shirt- Thrifted
White Cami- Walmart
Blue Jeans- Not sure...
Socks- ''

This was Jessie's Sunday after-church outfit.  Loved her socks...
Quoting her: "My right foot wants to eat my left foot!"

Purple Sweater- Thrifted
White Cami- Walmart
Black Skirt- Thrifted
Black Flats- Gift
Earrings- Clairs

Such a classy outfit!  I loved how the dark colors complimented her fair complexion and dark eyes.

This was her Sunday morning outfit.  I am so proud of how my sisters dress modestly even when they are more formal.  :-)  Makes my heart glad.

Loved her earrings.  They ARE clip-ons.  I think they really complete the classiness of her outfit.

Sammie Dee looked so pretty in her blue flower dress.  Even she has a strong desire to dress modestly.  :-)  Such joy!

I'm not sure exactly where Mom found this dress for her, but my guess would be she thrifted it or found it on Ebay (mom is really good at that!).

Not sure if I ever explained her nickname.  Her real name is Samantha Danielle... for some reason we starting calling her Sammie Dee when she was a toddler and it has stuck ever since!  It suits her quite well.  :-)

And lastly, Bekah Ann looking adorable in her little purple plaid dress.  Again, she was given a nickname (only as an infant this time).  We shortened her name (Rebekah) down to Bekah and threw in her middle name!  We also did this with Natalie when she was little (we still will call her Natie Jayne on occasion).
I'm sure this dress was also thrifted or bought on Ebay by my mom.  We just don't like buying new clothes, I guess!!!  I'm sure you caught on as you went through the first five outfits!

Thank you, my dear sissies, for letting me take pictures of your adorableness!  Love you all!

I hope you enjoyed this week's fashion post!!!

I'm off to work on some projects that I should have finished by now!

God bless and have a loverly day!


Annie said...

Lovely outfits, Rachel & sisters! ;) I should stop by Goodwill or Salvation Army again in search of a few sweaters.

Anonymous said...

I love all of your outfits my dear! Nat looks so much like you in these pictures! I can't wait to see you for Les Mis! Love ya! Sarah