Monday, October 1, 2012

Modestly Monday {No. 9} The Wild Blue Yonder

Quite unintentionally, both of my outfits have a color theme of blue and grey this week!
And, as a special treat, there is also one more outfit worn by my lovely sister, Natalie.
Hope you enjoy!

Blue Plaid Blouse- Thrifted
Blue and Grey Vest- Thrifted
Blue Jeans- ???
Black Tennis Shoes- Walmart

These pictures were taken Saturday while Andrew and I were visiting my family.  This loverly location is the park where Andrew and I got married 4 1/2 months ago!
This building is an old hotel and the front porch in the picture below is what I walked down during the wedding procession (then I also walked down a stretch of lawn as well!).

It was so fun going back there and enjoying the beautiful autumn weather!  The main reason we went was so I could take some senior pics of my sister, Jessica.  Maybe I'll post some soon...

Grey and White Striped Short-Sleeved Cardigan- Thrifted
Black Cami- Walmart
Blue Jeans- ???
Black Tennis Shoes- Walmart
Dark Blue/Teal Scarf- eShakti
Lace Headband- Made by Me!!!

I love scarves!!!  They are truly one of my favorite things about autumn (they lose to Pumkin Spice Lattes... but only by a bit).  As I've been transitioning my summer wardrobe into boxes and my autumn/winter clothing into my closet and drawers, I have been finding so many scarves and can't wait to wear them all!  :-)

This headband was SO easy to make!  Just buy a normal black headband (you know, the cheap, hard, black ones you can find the the craft section???) and glue (I just used simple craft glue) the lace of your choice to it!  After the glue has dried, cut any access lace off so that it exactly covers the side of the headband you can see when wearing it.  SO easy and SO fun to wear!

Brown Sweater- Walmart
Brown Cami- Walmart
Blue Jeans- ???
Arrowhead Necklace- a summer festival

Natalie showed up for piano this last week looking so cute in her outfit I couldn't help but take some pictures of her!  She really loves this brown sweater since it isn't just plain brown, but many shades of brown and some black, making the fabric very rich.

Thanks, Nat, for letting me take pictures of you almost every time I see you!

Some people say we look alike... others say we do a little... and yet others day they didn't know we were related!
What do you think???
Its a really odd thing for us to hear since we really didn't look alike at all when we were little.  This year though, when we both were going around without makeup one lady we didn't know asked if we were twins!!!  SO weird for us (made Natalie feel really grown up since there's a 4 1/2 year age difference between us!).
So, in your opinion (and just for fun!), how much alike do Natalie and I look?

Hope you've enjoyed this week's outfits!!!

God bless!


Natasha Atkerson said...

Such cute outfits (all of them!)
And that vest, such a cute piece!

I would have to say that you ladies look similar, though wouldn't go so far as to say "twins" ;)
You have the same nose/eyes/lips features, but other than that-maybe the hair? Since you got your hair permed, it makes you look a lot more like your Natalie than when you had your hair straight. People never think I'm related to my dad, I look pretty similar to my mom, but not really my dad. So people will ask to be introduced to my siblings ("Oh, are these your kids?") And sort don't act like I'm there! Pretty funny! Or not...I don't really care! My older sister (she's 10 years older than me) has been mistaken for my younger sister, that didn't make her very happy...LOL!
A Modest Fashion Blog:

Kelsey said...

Adorable pictures. I love all the outfits! You two are so pretty...Hmmmm...let’s see, I think that yall kind of look alike, you can definitely tell though that u two are sisters:) How old are yall?

May you find overflowing joy today that only comes through Jesus!!

In Him,

Nela said...

These are great outfits, Rachel! Love them all. :)

I think you guys look quite alike, though not exactly though. ;)

Take care!

Rachel's Blog said...

Well just so you know....those first pictures of you modeling that cute outfit - I that it was Natalie at first!! So that's how alike you both look. :-) But you still look different. I never think my sister and I look alike but many people think we have a striking resemblance to each other....wish I could see it lol!!!

(By the way I'm a Rachel too.:-) I love your blog!