Monday, October 29, 2012

Modestly Monday {No. 13} Sweet Simplicity

Tan Sweater- Walmart
Brown Cami- Walmart
Blue Skirt- Walmart
Tan Boots- Thrifted
Tan and Multi-Colored Striped Scarf- Thrifted
Gold Necklace- Gift
Gold Hoop Earrings- Walmart

This week's outfits are very basic, earth-toned outfits.  They both have the same color schemes and I wear the same scarf!
Just goes to show you how simple and easy-to-put-together outfits can be (if one outfit works out then you can pretty much count on another outfits with similar colors and styles also working!!!).

I adore warm, fuzzy sweaters!!!  I have had this sweater for a couple years and it has come in handy SO much (you might recognize it from the second outfit in this post).  I highly recommend owning a tan/light brown sweater.  They go with SO many different kinds of outfits both dressy and casual!

To keep my outfit from being too drab with so much tan, I chose to wear a dark blue dress skirt I have had for years.  To tie the blue and tan together, the scarf was the perfect addition!

My jewelry was simple, but added a little more of a dressy touch to the outfit.

For my hair, I washed it the night before and slept with it damp (piled up on the pillow above my head), then just took two strands from the front of my part and pulled them back in a "princess" style.  :-)  It is one of those "old faithful" hairstyles for me.

Tan Quarter-Sleeved Sweater- Thrifted
Dark Blue Cami- Walmart
Blue Jeans- Hand-me-downs
Old Favorite Tennies- Walmart (years ago)
Tan and Multi-Colored Striped Scarf- Thrifted
Songbird Necklace- Charm from craft section in Meijer (put on a chain by me)
Silver Bird Earrings (not really visible in the pics)- Walmart

I know!  Almost looks like the same outfit!!!  Crazy enough though, the only thing I'm wearing that is the same is the scarf!
This other, slightly more delicate and girly, sweater is a recent find while thrift-shopping.  I really like it!!!

My hairstyle is the same as in the previous outfit.
Instead of the brown cami under the tan sweater, I decided to use a dark blue cami (kinda like I used the dark blue skirt) to tie all of the colors together.  I usually don't count the color of my jeans as one of my "outfit colors".  :-)  If I did, I would have to accent with blue ALL OF THE TIME!  It would be quite limiting and that just wouldn't do...

I fell in love with this charm when I saw it in the craft section of Meijer.  I love birds and I love music!!!  It is so perfect!!!  Thankfully I already had a chain all ready to go at home and VOILA! I have a new necklace!

Hope you enjoyed this week's Modestly Monday!  Remember to leave a comment and share your thoughts!  I always love hearing from you!

Hope you have a blessed week!


Josie said...

Rachel you are so pretty, and I love both of your outfits!

Natasha Atkerson said...

Beautiful outfits, Rachel!
Love that color on you (the sweater).
A Modest Fashion Blog:

Annie said...

Love these outfits, Rachel! Scarves are so cozy and cute for chilly weather. =) I have a few outfits I could post but I'm too lazy to actually go and take pictures for it. So we'll see. But thanks for sharing.


Kelsey said...

Cute as can be:) Love both outfits! You have the cutest style ever...

May your heart find rest in His love this night!

In Him,

Rebecca Ann said...

I absolutely love the header! I think the type with the pretty scrolling effect is a nice touch. You are beautiful as usual and from one curly girl to another keep your curls. They are so nice too! :)

God bless,