Monday, October 22, 2012

Modestly Monday {No. 12} Scarves and Makeup

Long Sleeved Grey Feather Shirt- Walmart
Blue Jeans- Thrifted
Purple Scarf- Walmart
Black Nettet Flats- Walmart

Both of this week's outfits are very basic with the intention of showing how easy it is to spruce up your clothes this fall and winter with something as simple as a scarf (I'm not even wearing any jewelry)!
At the end of my post, I will be sharing a little bit about how I do my makeup on a daily basis...
since I'm sure you're all dying to know!

This shirt (a recent purchase) is SO comfortable and warm for these cooler days.  The sleeves are the perfect length for my long arms! 

Fun note: if you look to the middle far right of the picture, you can see Andrew fishing with three of my younger siblings (my twelve and four-year-old brothers and eight-year-old sister)!  They SO love doing things with him!

With the shirt being quite simple, the splash of color from the scarf was exactly what this outfit called for. 

Purple-ish Plaid Shirt- Thrifted
Black Cami- Walmart
Blue Jeans- Thrifted
Teal Scarf- Walmart
Black Tennies- Walmart

Again, really simple outfit spiced up by a colorful scarf!  So cozy and perfect for walks in the brisk weather!

I wore this outfit out for my date night with Andrew on Friday evening.  We live within walking distance of a Cracker Barrel (which we both really enjoy), so we decided to stroll down there.  SO fun!

All of these are COVERGIRL...  I used to only use Neutrogena, but CG is less expensive and still works really well!

Okay... so to makeup.  I don't like the heavy look (you know, the layers of powder look?).  I want people to see my face, not a bunch of makeup holding it together.

I use a Neutrogena facial cleanser in the shower each morning before I start my day; it has been wonderful (and no, they aren't paying me to say so).
After my shower, I apply about a finger-full of a Vitamin E (which is very good for you!) skin cream-lotion that cost me all of ONE DOLLAR at Dollar General.  It works great!  My skin has stayed very smooth and it has even helped my complexion to "even out" a bit.  :-)

All the makeup I wear on a daily basis is a little bit of concealer (the lightest shade), a light "smooth over" of powder foundation (shade 2 when I get less sun and shade 4 when I'm a bit tanner), and finishing with the smallest bit of blush (I only use the lighter two shades, it helps to bring out the natural color of my skin).

This is my "daily facial attire" (and all the makeup I was wearing in the outfit pics above).  Oh... plus chapstick of some kind. 

Neutrogena eyeshadow!

If I'm feeling a bit fancy, I'll use a bit of skin-tone eyeshadow (wetting my eyelid with the applicator shown two pictures down before applying... it really helps with making the makeup last through the day).  I'll use the purple shadow shown in the picture below sometimes, but hardly ever.  As you can see, I've had this eyeshadow forever... don't use a ton of it!

wet n wild eyeshadow

I don't use regular eyeliner... it usually looks so harsh and I like a softer, natural look.
So (again, after wetting the fine tip of my applicator) I will sometimes use a little bit of very dark brown or black (they end up looking the same) eyeshadow.  It blends a lot better than the strong line of regular eyeliner and isn't so distracting that people don't even see your eyes.  Some times though I just skip this part and do just eyeshadow and mascara.

This is one of the applicators I use for my eyes.  Big, flat end for the shadow and small-tipped end for liner!  Works perfectly!  I found these at Dollar General and they have worked great!  Since they're only good for a few uses before you probably should use a new one, it was nice to find some so inexpensive that still worked well!

COVERGIRL "very black" mascara
After applying eyeshadow and "liner", I finish my eyes with a light coating of mascara.  I don't use too much or else, ya know, the eyelashes start to clump together and WE CAN'T HAVE THAT!

Stay Glossy lipgloss... this color was called "All Night Long", I think
 I struggled for a while to find a color of lipgloss that I liked.  Since, when I do my "fancier" makeup, I concentrate on my eyes, I don't wear lipstick.  That IS a general rule for well-balances makeup: if you "do up" your eyes, don't wear flashy lipstick and vice-versa!
THIS LIPGLOSS wound up being the perfect shade for me!  Not too pink or red, not too purple, not too dark or too light, not too shiny, not too bold, not too invisible.
I always look for lipwear that is very close to the color of my own lips... that's just an easy way of knowing it will look good on your face!  :-)

Me after just finishing my "daily facial attire"... nothing fancy, just me!  :-)

Well, I hope this was fun for you all!  I enjoyed writing it!  For those of you ladies who don't wear makeup, I hope you enjoyed the outfits and didn't get bored with the latter half of this (and maybe it was even enjoyable and helpful)!  For the other ladies who do wear makeup, I hope this was fun, helpful, and encouraging to not hide the face God gave you with layers and layers of junk!  :-)

God bless you all and have a loverly Monday!


Natasha Atkerson said...

Very cute outfits! (first one is my favorite!)
I agree with your makeup philosophy (though I don't wear any) minimal is always better! I really don't think the "caked" look is very pretty! :)
A Modest Fashion Blog:

Sereina Charise said...

I only have a couple scarves, but I love wearing them! It's finally getting cool enough, so last week I was finally able to wear one.

Adorable outfits! I love the bright colors on you scarfs! :D