Monday, October 15, 2012

Modestly Monday {No. 11} 200th Post!

Lavender Sweater- Garage Sale!
Dark Blue Cami- Walmart
Blue Jean Skirt- Thrifted
White Lace Footies- Kmart
Blue Dress Shoes- Thrifted
Blue and White Pearl Necklace and Bracelet Set- Made by me!

Today's post hits the 200 mark!  Wow!  It's been so fun for me recently to look back at the posts I was writing near the beginning and see how far the Lord has brought me and how much has changed in my life!  It's SO exciting!

Now... to the outfits!

It was REALLY windy the day I wore this outfit, so my hubby and I decided it would be best (despite the horrible lighting in our apartment) to take the pictures indoors.
This outfit was very comfortable; a fun way to dress up a simple jean skirt!  I decided, instead of accenting with more purples, I would do blues.  The outfit turned out very nicely!

I hand-crafted my accessories.  I used pearl beads from Michaels craft store and bronze chain I already had, then did a weaving pattern for a very unique, semi-vintage-looking, jewelry set.  It was so fun to make and even more fun to wear!

Grey and White Striped Short-Sleeved Cardigan- Thrifted
Dark Purple Cami- Walmart
Blue Jean Skirt- Gift (Thrifted)
Black Netted Flats- Walmart
White Hat- Gift (Family Dollar)
Purple and Blue Floral-Bead Necklace- Made be me!

This was my favorite outfit this week!  Who says jean skirts (a LONG jean skirt, at that!) can't be cute and fashionable?!  I love jean skirts- they go with almost anything (you know, kind of like jeans...).

This was my "going to the library" outfit... so it was a very happy outfit!  :-)  SO comfy, perfect for reading, eh?!

I hope you've enjoyed this week's Modestly Monday!  It's always so fun sharing these ideas with you all!  Please be praying for my hubby, as he is sick today (sick enough that my tough guy had to take the day off of work).  Thank you!

Have a loverly monday and many blessings in Christ!


Nela said...

These are such cute outfits, and your hair is above and beyond amazing! ;) Perhaps a tutorial on how to do it, perhaps?

Also, love the first sweater!

Natasha Atkerson said...

Both outfits are cute, but the second is my favorite! LOVE blue jean skirts!
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Mikailah said...

Your outfits are lovely, Rachel! :) I love both of them--and your hair is beautiful. :)

I'll be praying for Andrew!

Love in Christ,

Anonymous said...

Lovely my dear!! Praying for Andrew!!! Love you both so much!

Rebecca Ann said...

Both of your outfits are so lovely Rachel and you are beautiful! I especially love the second one, probably because I am really into stripes, denim skirts, and hats right now. :) I was looking back at posts I had done too at the beginning of my own blog and can't believe how the Lord has changed me. Praise God He is working in us both!


Hannah said...

I really love your jean skirt! I have been looking for a cute one for a while but with no success. What brand is it?


Josie said...

I like both, though the second is my favorite. Super cute, Rachel!