Monday, October 8, 2012

Modestly Monday {No. 10} Stripes and Spots!

Black Long-sleeved shirt- Kohls??? (I've had it a while!)
Dark Jean Vest- Thrifted
Black and White Striped Maxi Skirt- Macy's (on sale!)
Black Netted Flats- Walmart
White Scarf- Walmart
White Bracelet- Gift (found in an antique store!)
White Rosebud Earrings- Walmart

Brrr... it has gotten SO cold here the past couple of days!  I just love autumn, don't you?
The leaves are changing, the sweaters are coming out of storage, coffee tastes even better than usual...
This is the time of year I do more reading than usual; hopefully Andrew and I will be taking a trip to the library soon!

Okay... so, without any further ramblings, here are two fun outfit ideas for the fall!

This skirt was the find of the month for me!  My hubby and I were browsing around the mall last week... pretty much seeing how much we would never be willing to spend on something and we somehow found ourselves in Macy's.  And, just to let you know, I'm on a thrift store/Walmart/sales-rack budget (I've always shopped that way)... hence, I don't shop at Macy's.  Their sales rack has made my eyes widen: "That's the reduced price?"
Out of a desperate hope though (and some boredom) I decided to peruse one of the sales racks and noticed a few skirts that I thought would certainly be a cute addition to my wardrobe.  They were originally $30 per skirt, but were marked down some to $15, others to $10.  I struggled inwardly, knowing I DID have skirts at home and maybe could make a maxi skirt instead of buying one.  So, believe it or not, I said no.
The next day, after pricing the fabric I would need to my open-mouthed discouragement, my hubby told me I should just get the skirts.  He knew I would use them a lot and had been talking for weeks about trying to find something similar.
So... I caved.  We went back to Macy's.  I tried on the skirts.  I found the right sizes.  I chose one black and white striped and one solid dark blue.  I went up to the register, feeling better about my purchases in light of how much it would cost me to make something like them, when the prices rang up at $4.99 a piece!!!  Even the lady behind the counter was surprised!  YAY!  I just love spending less money than I expected.

And they are SO fun to wear.

My hair was really simple and fun.  I just made two french braids (only adding hair to the bottom strand for a different effect) on either side of my head, pinned them in the back, and left the ends (and some of my bangs) loose and curly.

Loved wearing this whole combination... clothes, jewelry, hairstyle, everything!  It was very comfortable and fun!

Tan Sweater- Walmart
Teal Cami- Walmart
Black Slacks- Thrifted
Tan Boots- Thrifted
Black and Tan-ish Spotted Scarf- Walmart
Silver and Teal-feather Earrings- Walmart

This outfit is all about the accessories.  If you look at just the slacks, cami, and sweater, the outfit is only solids and quite simple.  Add the tan boots and you get a bit of flair.  Throw in the spotted scarf tying two of the colors together and its beginning to really come together.  Stick in those earrings that bring out your accent color AND are spotted like the scarf... and you have an OUTFIT!

I've learned that you don't need to have a bunch of fancy clothing to make cute ouftits.  A colorful blouse can be helpful, but it isn't always necessary.  Those little things like earrings, a necklace, a scarf, or a hat can make your outfit at a fraction of the cost!  And don't think you need to go to fancy stores to get the clothing you need either.  Look in thrift stores, scour sales racks.  You'd be surprised how much pleasure saving a couple dollars can bring.

Hope you've enjoyed this post and are enjoying this beautiful season!

God bless!


Josie said...

Love both outfits! Super pretty!

Vicki said...

Lovely outfits! I really like the skirt, and how cool that you were able to get it for even less than you originally thought! Macy's is generally quite expensive (Penny's has great deals, though!), so I don't tend to shop there, but sometimes you can find some good stuff.(:


Hannah said...

You are so beautiful! I love reading your posts :)
Isn't it wonderful when things end up being so much less than we expect? Something similar happened with my prom dress, except it was a random stranger who wanted to help me pay for it :)

Hannah =)

Rebecca Ann said...

I love both your outfits! I loved hearing your skirt story as well. Its crazy how sometimes just when you need something the Lord puts them in your path even in regards to clothing. Blessings to you!

Rebecca Ann