Monday, September 17, 2012

Modestly Monday {No. 7} Smile with Me

Multi-Colored Blouse: Family Dollar
Jean Capris: ??? (I've had them a long time!)
Owl Bracelet: Walmart
Brown Flip-flops (not pictured): Walmart
These two outfits are similar in that they both include flowy tops...
and they both make me smile.
I just love flowy tops!

This blouse is one of my favorites. It is SO comfortable and fun! 

This bracelet is a recent addition to my collection of jewelry and is my new favorite.  It goes with most anything!

White Tunic/Blouse: Meijer
White Cami: Walmart
Blue Jeans: ??? I think they were hand-me-downs
White Flip-flops: Walmart
Red Necklace and Bracelet: Handmade by me
Red Floral Fabric Bangle: Handmade by me

This blouse is a mix of boho, vintage, and... fairy!
The lace and crocheted neckline makes it feel so classic and dreamy.  It is super comfortable while still being somewhat dressy.

My Mom and I found it while we were out shopping MUCH earlier this year, but the weather was always too warm to wear it since the fabric is a bit thicker.  I'm thinking I'll be wearing this quite a bit this autumn. 

Here's a closer shot of the neckline... *love*

Thank you, Andrew and Natalie, for taking these pics!

Hope you all have a loverly, full-of-smiles Monday!

God bless!

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Anonymous said...

I remember that beautiful shirt!!! :) We have similar tastes in "fairy"! :)
Love you!