Monday, September 10, 2012

Modestly Monday {No. 6} Fly Me Away

Black and White Blouse: Thrifted
Blue Jeans: Thrifted
Black Netted Flats: Walmart
Black Cami Secret: Gift
Purple Flower Hair Pin: Given away at a wedding!
Owl Bracelet (not really pictured): Walmart

One casual outfit and one dressy outfit this week!

This outfit was so comfortable! I love wearing flowy blouses with jeans and I especially love wearing flowers in my hair. :-)

Purple, Pink, and Blue Sundress: Dollar General
Black Cardigan: Thrifted
Black Netted Flats: Walmart
Black Cami Secret: Gift
Black Flower Hair Clip: Dollar General

I spy Andrew taking this picture!!!

This was my Sunday outfit, but honestly, I'd wear it even when I'm not going to church!  This is such a fun dress with all of the patterns and colors, so soft and comfy too!

Yesterday's sermon was amazing.  The pastor talked about our bodies (we're in 1 Cor. 6), what they are, modesty, confidence, and what our forms are made for.
Really, truly, such an incredible sermon.  I won't say too much because I hope to do another post about some of the ways woman should view themselves differently.  I know I need a change of perspective.

God bless!


Anna Grace said...

is that the flower from Cait's wedding? (;

Natasha Atkerson said...

Cute outfits!
Love to hear more on this sermon!

Did you get a perm? Or just curled your hair? Or is it naturally curly? My my! So many questions! ;)
A Modest Fashion Blog:

Josie said...

The last outfit is soo pretty, Rachel! And you're gorgeous, my friend!