Monday, August 27, 2012

Modestly Monday {No. 4} So Summer Flies...

White Floral Blouse- Plato's Closet
Tan Skirt- Goodwill
White Scarf- Walmart
White Flipflops- Walmart
White Cami Secret- Gift

This outfit was simple and comfortable, but also fun and girly!
I love adding scarves to outfits when I don't wear jewelry and this worked out really well!

I took the risk of looking twelve again and braided my hair.  I acutally really like how it turned out and it was great having my hair so "controlled" for once!  :-)

Black and White Sundress- Walmart
Black Tee- Kohls
Black Flats- Walmart
Turquoise and Silver Necklace- Handmade by me

I have fallen in love with sundresses!!!  They are SO comfortable and airy!
Making them modest is as easy as putting a t-shirt or tank-top with a higher neckline underneath.  With the black and white, I wanted to add a splash of color, hence the necklace!  This dress could also be worn with a belt around the waist and a jacket in the cooler months.

Hope you've enjoyed this week's outfits!  If you have any requests for fashion ideas, questions, or comments, please let me know!!!

God bless!


Nela said...

You look so pretty!! :D Love the outfits, Rachel. The first outfit is my favorite! I love the braided hair-do. ;)

Natasha Atkerson said...

Yes, I have a very serious request.
Ready?! Post more outfits! *GRIN* I LOVE all your outfits! They're sooo cute! Always an inspiration for me!
You don't look 12 with braids, they look cute!
A Modest Fashion Blog:

Alyssa Faith said...

Lovely! Did your hubby take any of the photos for you, or did you use a timer on the camera? I like wearing scarves too - fabric jewelry :)

Rachel said...

Alyssa Faith- Yes, my husband took the pictures of me in the first outfit (my sister took the other pictures). With all of these outfit posts, my hubby is becoming quite the photographer!

Anna Park said...

I love all the outfits you post! I can't wait to see you and your family this weekend!

Nina said...

Very pretty outfits! :) I especially like the first one. Your hair looks nice braided (definitely not 12) :P