Monday, August 20, 2012

Modestly Monday {No. 3} Feminine Enough?

Grey and White Stiped Shirt- Walmart
Black Cami- Walmart
Blue Jeans- Plato's Closet
Black Netted Flats- Walmart
Black and Purple Necklace- Made by Me!!!

I'm really excited that autumn is getting so close!!!
Spring and autumn are my two very favorite seasons... but autumn probably wins out of the two.
I love the changes in color.
I love the brisk air.
I love the excuse to drink hot coffee more often.
I love the warm boots, cute hats, and scarves.
I love the big, yummy sweaters.
I love warm slippers.
I love the long walks.

I really could go on forever!
Since Indiana actually had some cooler days this last week,
I thought I'd do a couple outfits that feature two shirts you will probably see more as the weather continues to get colder!!! 

To dress up my outfit a bit, my sister did a really cute updo!
She simply pinned forward my "front hair", bunned the middle section, and then braided the bottom section, wrapping the braid around the bun.  Then she stuck some cute black and purple flower pins to accent my shirt and necklace.

This outfit was simple, but it felt very fun and feminine.
A wonderful blogger friend recently commented that she liked how I make jeans look feminine...
Honestly, I really enjoy wearing both skirts and pants and truly believe that you can look feminine in either!
If I'm going to wear something "simple" like this outfit, I do something girly with my hair or find cute accessories to go with it.
Don't feel you have to wear a dress and pearls to show your femininity.  Sometimes something as simple as a flower in your hair or a sweet, gentle smile is all it takes!

God has given women amazing power in our femininity.  We must be sure never to misuse it to make others stumble, but I think an even bigger problem for more conservative Christian ladies is becoming obsessed with looking a certain way 24/7 instead of dressing to suit their individual tastes.
My humble opinion is
if it covers what should be covered,
if it is something you truly enjoy wearing,
if it is well-balanced (not overbearing or too flashy),
and if it doesn't draw inappropriate attention to you instead of your Lord,

Here's another more "casual" outfit that I loved wearing!

Soft Pink Plaid Shirt- Goodwill
Brown Cami- Walmart
Blue Jeans- Plato's Closet
Brown Flipflops- Walmart
Cat's Eye Necklace- Gift from my sister, Sammie

I simply brushed my hair and let it air-dry.  Sometimes its fun just to have that long mane flying behind you! 
I found this shirt last week at Goodwill and was SO excited!  I recently discovered that I adore plaid!!!  I'm a city girl, so I never really tried wearing it for fear of turning country (though I must admit, there are definitely worse things that could happen!), but I've decided that I'm willing to take the risk.  My Mom even commented on how nice I looked (yes ladies, even though my outfit was so simple!).
Needless to say, I can't wait to wear this shirt again!

I hope you ladies have enjoyed this post.  I've been down a long road when it comes to how I dress, coming from intentionally dressing in a way I knew drew inappropriate attention to the form God gave me to then thinking I had to wear skirts all of the time to look like a woman!  There are many pressures out there, even in Christian circles, to look and dress a certain way.  And I think many of us ladies striving to please God in every aspect of our lives can get caught up in wrong thinking about our clothing.  Even though it is GREAT to dress modestly and look "like a lady", we are told over and over again in Scripture that the Lord we are serving looks at the heart of man, not his outward appearance.  So, throw on the jeans and t-shirt if you want to today, or wear the summer dress and bangles... just remember that charm lies and beauty fades, but a woman who honors God will be the one praised in the gates.

God bless!


Natasha Atkerson said...

Lovely outfits (as always!)
I know, I have a "fear" of the country look as well...of course I live in's just not me though!
A Modest Fashion Blog:

Vicki said...

I love both of your outfits! And yes, I definitely agree...jeans can be very feminine! And very nice for just lounging around the house in. A cute shirt and jeans is easy enough to make look feminine and cute.

Hehe, I love plaid! And I'm a city girl, so I understand how you feel! But I don't mind having a little bit of country in my life...and there are definitely ways of making it look less "country" like you did!


PrincessR said...

Great outfits!! Good job on taking a boring pair of jeans and dressing them up to look feminine and appealing! My family doesn't believe that (loose) jeans are immodest. But it is hard to remember to dress them up a bit at times. :) Sometimes all it takes is that pretty necklace!!

Country girl? They are special! But plaids don't always look country-ish anymore. They are def in style. :D

Great blog!!

God Bless,

Anonymous said...

You look absolutely lovely in both outfits! And I have always had a thing for plaid! :) You can't go wrong there! :)

Josie said...

I love both outfits, Rachel! You look gorgeous! I especially love the plaid.