Thursday, March 15, 2012

What We're Wearing!

At ten o'clock this morning,
it was already
70 degrees here in
Way too warm for this time of year,
in my humble opinion...
The warmth also means flowy
skirts and whimsy


I thought I'd share my outfit
AND first
as a bonus,
since I haven't posted in so long,
I thought I'd include some pics
today of my sister,
and her lovely outfit!

Jessie has gotten
really good at finding cute
clothes and creating
adorable outfits!

She's such a lovely young woman,
inside and out.
She and I are like
salt and pepper;
very different, but
never the same without
each other.

Isn't she beautiful???
Thanks for posing for these
pics, Jessie!
(And also for taking pics of
me today too!)

What I'm Wearing
Multi-Colored Blouse (Walmart)
Lilac Skirt (Thrifted)
Silver Flower Flip-flops (Dollar General...
what can I say!  They were having a great sale!)
Silver and Purple Earrings (Bealls)

I've discovered that,
despite my love for earth-tones in clothing colors,
that I love purple.
Especially light purple.
So the skirt in this oufit was a
dream come true when I
saw it at

I found these earrings on one of
several shopping adventures with
Andrew's mom and sister
while I was out west back in

So, what's the weather like where you are at???
Is it normal for this time of year or are the temperatures
(hot or cold)
breaking records???

Hope you all have a loverly day!

God bless!


Indy said...

Beautiful outfit. I like it! Your earrings are very nice.

Here its warm for the time of the year. During the break at school we went to the square, all the girls in my class. Finally there was the sun. It's spring. We can bike to home without a coat.

Kelsey said...

It is reall nice here like 50 degrees...

I love both of your outfits! Beautiful :-)

Kelsey said...

Oh, and I was going to ask u ..Were do u get your clip on earrings? They are always sooooo cute!!:-)

With love,

Tessa Rachel said...

You girls are so cute!
It was 77 and sunny yesterday here in Wisconsin (which is WAY warmer than normal, we usually still have snow!) and I was so excited to break out the flowy summer skirts!
Y'all have a fantastic day!
-Tessa Rachel

Emma said...

In Tennesse we have been experinencing 80 (or higher)degree weather. All most too hot.

Megan and Abby said...

It's been marvelous all week down here! A little humid Yesterday and today, which came as a surprise to me. We're finally on spring break, and from now on, we can wear shorts to school! Yay!
You two are looking beautiful, as always. God has given you the gift of outward as well as inward beauty.