Thursday, March 29, 2012

What I Wore: Sing Me Through

What I Wore:
White Vintage Blouse (Ebay)
Green Skirt (Thrifted)
Green Cameo Necklace (Made by Me)
White Sandals (Gift)

This was actually yesterday's outfit.
I enjoyed wearing it
SO much!
It felt very much like a
outfit from
"The Sound of Music".

My hairstyle is a simple
twist and
side-bun that I have
"Annie" after the
leading lady in the film
It's very easy to do...
I may have to post a
tutorial sometime in the

Yesterday my
Mom and I got all of the
wedding invitations
stuffed and stamped!
They are being sent off in the
mail today!

This is such a crazy, yet
time of life.
Less than two months left of being

It's definitely a daunting thought,
but an exciting one too.

So many people offer their advice,
which has been amazing and
I've learned so much...
but the responsibilities of being a
married woman can sometimes seem more like
a big job rather than
a great joy.

Yesterday my heart was lifted by a
simple comment from a
woman I have known since
She was still a young lady when I met her and
now she is a wife and has one
adorable little boy.

Amidst all of the advice, warnings,
and rules to live by...
she simply told me
"You will LOVE being married!".


51 days to go!

May God bless you all!


Eyebright L said...

What an encouragement to get small comments like that!

ginanorma said...

Oh you will find marriage full full of surprises, wonderful and not so wonderful, BUT God will use them ALL for His glory, remember that!
Marriage is good if both give and surrender to the Lord, ...the book SACRED MARRIAGE is the best there is out there!!! Also, BOUNDARIES in Marriage (the book) is amazing!
BTW I love your pretty outfit:)
Oh also, myself and a few other bloggers did a series on Marriage over the last 5 weeks on TUESDAYS, this week was our last week, so maybe you can sift through those...

Oehrlein said...

Nice dress! Very beautiful