Saturday, December 3, 2011

12 Days of Modest Fashion- Day 3... and some fun pics!

It's Day 3!!!
And the suggestion on Natasha's blog?
Wear a hat.

"With pleasure!"
I adore hats.

What I'm Wearing:
Red Blouse (Walmart)
Red Scarf (Walmart)
Blue Jeans (Hand-me-downs)
Black Boots (Walmart)
Black Hat (Gift from my Dad!!!)
Silver Bracelet (Walmart)

Oh, sometimes I can only shake my head
at some of my poses.
Trying to be a model, Rachel???
Oh, brother!

I do love this hat...
My dad and I were out shopping together
around Christmastime last year
when I spotted this hat on one of the shelves...
I pointed it out,
"Oh Dad, I love hats like that!!!"
He smiled at me.

A couple minutes later,
as we were about to leave,
he turned to me,
"Hey, go pick out one of the floppy hats."
I looked up in surprise,
"Sure! It's almost Christmas, after all."

You must understand that my Dad
doesn't like to spend money on
things we don't need...
But he can also be such a sweet,
loving guy.

Thank you, Daddy!
I still love this hat and
think of you every time I
 put it on!

And my Dad also makes

Thank you for that too, Dad!

Today was out annual Christmas parade.
The kids at our church do a live Nativity
on our church float.
Aren't they so cute?!

And look!
The shepherds have been visited
by an angel!!!
I have a halo and everything!

A cold Mary, Josesph and shepherds did a great job
smiling through the whole parade
while the adults passed out
tracts, booklets, and candy.

Afterwards, my family went to the free lunch
over at the fire station
(which the kids call the Fireman Place).

What a fun afternoon!

Hope you all have a blessed weekend!!!


Melanie said...

I lOvE your outfit, Rachel. :)

KatySue Pillsbury said...

Love your hat and sweater! And the kids are very cute!

Beth Ann said...

Ooh, love the hat! Very cute on you. ;)

Hannah said...

Cute outfit! Love the hat--it's very similar to the one I wore today :)
I know I'm a little late, but congratulations on your engagement!

These Little Hands

Marie said...

Love your outfit! The colors are so festive! :)