Thursday, May 19, 2011

Update and a "Need to Read"

Hey Ladies!

Sorry I haven't been posting much recently.  I've been sick off and on, plus I'm getting ready for my BIG TRIP TO COLORADO then WYOMING!!!  My best friend of 10+ years is getting married next week and I am so excited to be singing a special at her wedding (please pray for my health to return in time!  Also, I won't be meeting the man playing the guitar accompaniment for my song till probably the day before the wedding... so things might get interesting!).  The next week, another great friend will be getting married... so lots of weddings!!!  Not to mention at least one more wedding I'll be going to this summer...  two childhood friends of mine will be tying the knot then too!!!  So, Emily and Brandon, Logan and Rachel, Will and Bethany... I'm so excited for you all!!!!  Congratulations a bit early!!!  :-)

This morning I read a beautiful guest post by Bailey at Unplug Your Family.  Bailey's post was so beautiful and heartfelt, I just had to give you all a link to it!  Come and read "Are You Worth It?" here.  And don't forget to visit Bailey's blog.  Even though she is years younger than me, she has a true heart for the Lord and inspires me constantly.

May you all have a blessed day!!!

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