Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thoughts on Modesty

This clip was SO encouraging to me.   If you're a woman striving to dress modestly or someone confused about why modesty is important, I would encourage you to watch this short movie here if you're okay with going on YouTube (oh, and make sure your volume isn't turned up very high... the opening music is a tad loud *smile*).

Modesty is something of vital importance to me.  I think the reason it is to such an extent is because I haven't always dressed modestly.  I never wore a bikini.  I never dressed in a shocking manner... I just showed more than was modest because I knew it helped me to get attention from the young men around me.  When in highschool, I was not surrounded by Godly young men and I had little or no influence from the women around my age to dress in a way that would not cause those men to stumble.  Flirting was normal.  And I was a very outgoing person (shocking, I know!), so my friendly behavior would come across as flirtatious even when I was trying hard not too.  It wasn't hard for me to get attention or make friends.  It saddens me now to think back on the devious thoughts that once were constantly in my world-influenced mind.

That's why modesty is important to me now.  Once God got a hold of me, turned my heart back towards the things of Him, I saw the huge holes in my life.  Modesty was one of the key ones. 

What's so ironic though (or maybe just a blessing from God), is that once I stopped caring about being a boy-magnet and radically changed my wardrobe... I found out how much I disliked the way I had been dressing.  Isn't that crazy???!  Now that I dress modestly, I've actually been able to find styles and outfits that I like far better than any of the "fashionable" junk I used to wear.  I'm able to be feminine (something I'd always loved but thought wouldn't be "cool enough").  I'm able to wear a skirt if I feel like it (maybe even *gasp* a LONG skirt!!!).  I'm able to dress up for God... knowing that He sees my heart and not my measurements.  What freedom!  Isn't it amazing that when we limit ourselves to the things that glorify God, how much liberty we feel for the first time ever???!!!

Modesty is a gift, not a bunch of rules.  Modesty isn't missing out on attention from the opposite gender, it is saving yourself for the one man God has for you.  Modesty doesn't chain you down, it sets you free. 

Have a blessed day!

PS.  If you haven't, I would encourage you to take a quick trip over to Melanie's Blog.  Her videos on modesty are very good and her blog has always been a blessing to me.  There's another way God is awesome: He even used people younger than me to help me on my walk with Him!!!


Sarah said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on modesty, Rachel. It is such an important topic and I was blessed by this post! Blessings, Sarah

Bonnie said...

Awesome video!! Thanks for sharing Rachel. I have also put it on my blog