Friday, March 25, 2011

Modest Fashion: White Floral... Really?!

I'm must confess, I'm a little wary of floral-print shirts.  It's not a matter of disliking them...  I'm just a little unimpressed by most of the prints I see nowadays on women's blouses.  The flowers are either so tiny that you can't even tell its floral...  or the colors are so obnoxious that you feel it would have to be the middle of July for you to feel comfortable wearing it!

But!  But...  when I saw this shirt at Walmart I did something I've only ever done once (or twice) in my life.  I walked (very swiftly) right up to it and said, outloud, "I want to own this shirt and I'm going to buy it!"  My sister looked at me with approval and the affair was settled.  Haha, thankfully it wasn't expensive!

Truly, I love this shirt.  It has quickly become a favorite.  Even though the cut is your simple, collared, button-down shirt, the floral design gives it such a feminine feel!  The soft pinks along with the dark brown against the white...  *sigh*.  Needless to say, I have had my faith in floral reborn.  :-)

White Blouse: WalMart
Black Camisole: WalMart
Jeans: Ummm... no clue!

Pink Birdie Necklace: Handmade by Yours Truly!

White Jeweled Shoes: WalMart

Pink Hairclip: Handmade by Yours Truly!

So, how many of you wear any floral prints???  Honestly, this is the only blouse I have that's floral...  skirts are a different story though!

God bless you all!


Natasha Atkerson said...

Yay! Your doing outfit posts! Can't wait to see future outfits!
Florals? umm...I think I have one shirt. So no? I guess! LOL! Floral skirts, yes! Your right, they're a different story! :)
A Modest Fashion Blog:

Patrizia said...

Rachel, You always look cute & I love the hair clip.

Okay, floral....hmmmm... very 80's! I should have kept everything I owned, my girls would have had a closet full! Everything is back! Unbelievable! I do like the floral though. Compared to all the dark, uninteresting colors of recent year, I think the floral brings back femininity & beauty. I like it!

Melanie said...

Love this whole outfit, Rachel!!! I especially LOVE your necklace. Wow..that is beautiful! Wish I knew how to do that. :)


Bonnie said...

It is a pretty shirt :)

Rachel your blog has been listed at :)

Maiden Princess said...

Very adorable outfit! Love the accessories! :) I unfortunately don't own any floral shirts because I haven't been able to find any that fit with a younger style. Yours is absolutely lovely though! Good pick! :)

All For His Glory,
Maiden Princess