Saturday, January 1, 2011

Feminine Fashion Week, Day One: Inside the Warm Van

Oh, what a crazy, exhausting, wonderful year it has been so far!

I decided a while back to try to encourage other young women to dress stylishly, yet modestly, by joining Natasha's Femine Fashion Week.  You can visit her blog here

My outfit was fairly simple since I was living out of a backpack!  I had a wonderful time celebrating the arrival of the new year with friends and family, but am glad to be home!

The weather has taken a turn to VERY cold, so I'm extremely thankful for this wonderful coat I got for Christmas.  I'm absolutely in love with it!  My "girly" black scarf went along with it perfectly.

A pink shirt underneath added some color.

And sparkly shoes add... sparkle! *chuckle*

I hope you've had a wonderful New Year!
God bless!


Nela said...

Cool picture! I like the coat :)

Ashley Nicole said...

Very stylish outfit. I LOVE your coat!


Bramblewood Fashion: Modest Fashion Blog

Ellie said...

Adorable outfit! I love the shoes! :)

Libbi H. said...

Very Cute! I {adore} the jacket and shoes!

Anna Olivia said...

Adorable outfit! Adorable girl! <3

Marie said...

I LOVE your coat! Plaid and black and white are two of my most favorite things in the world. :)