Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Feminine Fashion Week, Day Four: In Sherwood Forest

I love the story of Robin Hood.  My favorite film-version of the story is "The Adventures of Robin Hood" starring Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland (to top it off, Basil Rathbone makes a superb villian!).

Ahhh... warms my heart!

 Since I was a little girl, Maid Marian has been a key heroine of mine.  Not only was she a beautiful, graceful woman of nobility, but she was also courageous and willing to stand for what she knew was right.  She had a sharp, witty tongue and a keen mind, but didn't use it to make herself better than the men around her. 

She had the brave soul of a warrior and the heart of a lovely, feminine lady.

So, when I got dressed this morning and looked in the mirror I had to smile as the thought flew to my mind: "This is how Marian would dress if she lived today."

My mom commented on this outfit for the Feminine Fashion Week being the truest to my personality.  I have to agree with her, as it's my favorite so far.

What I'm Wearing:
Dark Brown Skirt: Goodwill
Brown Tights: Given to me brand new!
White Camisole: Walmart

Off-white and Pink Blouse: Gift
(My all-time favorite blouse! It has "drippy" sleeves and everything!)

Brown Boots: Walmart

Pink Necklace: Fire Mountain Gems

Belt: Fire Mountain Gems

Hair Clip: Booth at my town's local festival this past summer.

I can remember a time when I was so trapped in trying to wear what everyone else was wearing.  It's a snare many young people fall into.  Some of the styles I liked... others not so much, but I wore them anyway!  How liberating to now be secure in Christ and able to freely express my own styles and tastes without fear.  I've always wanted to be able to do that...
I guess it's just the Maid Marian in me.

God bless!


Libbi H. said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE! Oh my goodness! You are adorable! Great outfit!

Alyssa said...

This is a really beautiful outfit, and even better pictures! The last one looks like you're a fairy or something. Love it!

Nela said...

Very pretty! :D It's absolutely gorgeous!

Amy said...

Ray, you are absolutely beautiful both inside and out.
Love you much,
Aunt Amy

KatySue Pillsbury said...

Such a lovely outfit! You look wonderful, right out of a faerie tale! =)

Anna Olivia said...

Oooh! Very nice! And I love that last photo of you... ;)

Miss Eyebright said...

That is a SUPER cute outfit, and the photographs are amazing. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful outfit!

Melanie said...

That last picture is beautiful. :) I love your "style."
Ephesians 1:2,

Tessa Rachel said...

Oooh...... I love this! So pretty, elegant, feminine, beautiful pictures.

-Tessa Rachel