Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Waiting for Your Love Story

"He (Christ) paid for the
treasure of your heart with
His own blood...

You disregard His
amazing sacrifice for you
 when you allow your femininity
 to be trampled in the mud...

You are a daughter of the King,
 so hold out for a man
 who has royal blood
 coursing through his veins."
~Leslie Ludy

The first time I read this quote, I knew I would have to share it.  One thing that I've faced in the past is wondering sometimes if I have set impossible standards on young men, that perhaps I expect too much of them.  And because I've seen the truth about the influence of the culture and the unfair picture of the "perfect man" given through books, magazines, and movies, it's easy to justify these thoughts and consider lowering my standards.  But, honestly, that's the last thing that Christian young men need!  By lowering standards simply because "the right one" may not have appeared yet, you not only keep from challenging young men to grow and mature, you also could easily miss out on something amazing that God has just around the corner (or around a few corners!).  I'm not holding out for Mr. Perfect; I've already found and fallen in love with Mr. Perfect: Jesus Christ.  But I refuse to give my heart to anyone less than a man after God's own heart; a man who will love me more than anyone else on earth and who will love God even more than that!

So, just as an encouragement to my sisters out there who are still waiting for Prince Charming to make his appearance: God has written your story all the way to the end.  He knows your ups and the downs.  He knows your heart's desires because He gave them to you!  And the story He has written for you isn't some "lost on a back shelf in the library" book, it's a best-seller! 

We don't deserve it, but, because of His infinite love and grace, God has given us a beautiful life to live for Him.  He's already done SO much for each of us.  I think we can trust Him with our love stories, don't you?  

God bless!


Maiden Princess said...

Amazing encouragement that I needed to hear. Thank you Dear Rachel!

In His Love,
Maiden Princess

Patrizia said...

A blessing you are, Rachel! If only more young ladies can see things this way. So many are taken by such fluffiness, not reality. A wonderful encouragement from you!