Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday Wardrobe

I won't deny it.  I won't even try.  I like clothes.  That's a good thing, I think, since I have no choice but to wear them.  :-)
What's frustrating for me though is that good clothes are hard to find.  Finding good and modest clothes is even harder.  And then when you try to find good, modest, and affordable clothes it's nearly impossible in some places.  I know shopping isn't going well when I leave Kohls with only a scarf in my shopping bag.  But, sadly, that's sometimes all I can find that's decent in the entire building.  Getting creative has been a MUST with me through the years as I endeavor to dress in a way that sets a good example to my sisters in Christ, doesn't cause my brothers in Christ is stumble, and honors my Savior. 

I went to Kohls yesterday.  I hadn't been there since (probably) mid-summer.  I hadn't planned on a shopping trip, but my dad asked me the night before if I wanted to go out with him to his doctor's appointment and then to Kohls to do some shopping (love my dad!).  I knew the rest of my family would be gone all morning and part of the afternoon, so, instead of staying at home by myself (which still would have been good; reading, writing, and creating are all great things!), I accepted his invitation.  I love shopping with my dad.  I'd rather shop with him than anyone else.  He has a great sense of taste when it comes to fashion and modesty. 
So, we both survived his doctor's appointment and arrived to Kohls without any mishaps (rare for my family) and the shopping began.  I spotted a couple tops I thought might work, tried them on, wrinkled my brow several times trying to figure out if I could change a few things about them once I was home... then I remembered to check the price tags.  Now, usually, that's the first thing I look at before even thinking of trying something on, but, for some reason, I'd completely forgotten this time.  A glance at the prices told me the tops were completely out of the question.  Not only were the prices too high for my budget, but I knew that, even if I'd had the money, I wouldn't have paid that much.  Sorry, I grew up with a "don't pay more than something's worth" and "Goodwill rocks!" mindset.  :-)  So, then it was time to look at the sales rack.  Most times I don't find much I like on the sales rack, but yesterday God saw my discouragement and send me a blessing in the form of three items (two tops, one pull-over) that were 60-80% off their original price.  What a find!  Even my dad (Mr. Budget, *smile*) was impressed.

So, what am I wearing today?  One of my new tops, of course!!!  It's short-sleeved (it WAS on the sales rack, long sleeves would just have been too good to be true!), but throw a cardigan on over it and TADA! 

Blue/teal Top- Kohls ($8!!!!)
Black Cardigan- Target
Blue Jeans- Walmart (I think, it's been a couple years!)
Hey, like the wallpaper in my office? BOOKS!
No, I didn't choose it, but it suits my very well.
(I've also hung some John Waterhouse pictures to make the room more "feminine"!)

Black florescent Necklace- Handmade
Blue/silver Earrings- Garage Sale

What a nice way to dress up a pair of jeans (and it looks great with a skirt too!!!).  This outfit is perfect for going out to dinner, out shopping (*smile*), or (in my case) to church in the evening as a youth group assistant. 

So, yes, modest and stylish outfits are possible!  So have fun creating them!  Go check out a sales rack.  Try layering, a little extra sewing work, or ask your dad for fashion advice.

And, if all else fails, you can always buy a scarf!

God bless!


Anna Olivia said...

Hey Rachel! =) Thanks for the blog fun that you also like Les Miz. Have you heard anything about the Broadway musical? or read the book maybe?

These photos of you are so, you are a very pretty young lady. Both my sister and me think this, and we even told our mom about your prettiness...heehee!

Have a very blessed day in HIM! *~

Anna Olivia said...

Hello again! =)

Too funny...because we actually know a girl named Cosette. Her family are the "culprits" who got us into our Les Miz obsession. ;) heehee!

As for the movies...I've seen three of them (1935, 1952, and 1978), but NOT the Liam Neeson one...however I've read much on it and have heard much about it from friends, and it's a horrible, ridiculous twist on the original story. The '78 movie is the most accurate (as far as the movies go), though still its own twist. But it was utterly riveting nonetheless, and got the main idea of the story across beautifully. You should definitely watch it. ;)

As for the's the most accurate to the novel. The 10th Anniversary Concert is my favorite. The DVD of the concert is fabulous (you can find it on Youtube)...
gives me chills every time. =)

Maiden Princess said...

Very attractive and modest top. I love the way you accented with your hair and jewelry! Definetly a good find! :)

Love in Him,
Maiden Princess

Caitlin said...

You are so great! I love how you default to buying scarves...I am often tempted to do the same thing!
Love you, and miss you, friend!

Polka Dot said...

Yep, Kohls can be spendy, BUT they have some pretty great sales sometimes. And what you ended up with is beautiful!

Scarves are a great default. :-)