Friday, November 12, 2010

"Everygirl", Part Two

For the second part of my “Everygirl” series, I wanted to do an interview with the most special, amazing woman in my life: my mom!  Her story is a testimony of God’s love.  Enjoy this peek into a woman’s heart and how God can turn a life completely around!

1) First of all, please tell us a bit about yourself!  Your name, any personal info such as: are you married? how many children? occupation? 
Well, my name is Jennifer Allen, but I prefer Jen.  I'm a child of God that stumbles on the path sometimes; so thankful my Heavenly Father is there to pick me up from time to time!  I married my best friend on May 18th, almost twenty years ago.  We both became believers around the same time, after we had met.  I've been blessed to be the mama to 7 blessings, 5 girls, 2 boys.  I've always been at home.  I like home.  Even before our first child was born, I was busy getting the home ready for her!!!  :)  Before children I did work various places part-time, with my favorite being a locally-owned pet store!!  I'm a devoted animal lover, with dogs as my absolute favorite, birds being a close second. 

2) What was one of your biggest struggles as a young, single woman?  Why? 
One of my biggest struggles as a young, single woman was not having the Lord being the Lord of my life.  I was very insecure with who I was and was a follower.  Always wanting to fit in made for some foolish choices.  I was lost.

3) How/when did you truly commit your life to Christ? 
Two years before our wedding, the Lord grabbed both Chris and me and pulled us out of the pit of this world and made us new creations.  We had been at a Maundy Thursday service at the church we would eventually get married in and the portrayal of Christ's death on the cross flooded through my heart and soul and I realized for the first time that my sins helped nail Him to that cross.  I was so broken.  At that point He truly became Lord of my life.  I had always believed in Who Jesus was/is, but the new life He gave me changed me for good. I believed in my heart that He was God's Son, repented of my sins, and was baptized in my parents’ church that summer. 

4) Did you see a change in heart-attitude when your focus became how to serve Christ? 
I have to admit that it didn't happen over night, but something HAD changed in me.  My focus was less on "self" and more on Him and others.  I still struggle with selfishness, but the Lord helps me to recognize it now and turn from it.  My heart yearns to be about the things that are important to Jesus.  First and foremost is my family.  Then church family and community.  The Lord wants His children to be about loving Him and serving Him and loving others.

5) How do you think a young woman’s spiritual walk/convictions should affect her mindset about young men and romantic relationships? 
I think the first love relationship for a young woman should be the Lord Jesus Christ; He, Himself, lists that above human relationships.  I think one's spiritual walk and convictions shouldn't change when a young man enters the scene.  Prayer is sooo important and seeking His wisdom, instead of our own, will keep us on His path.  Relationships that honor the Lord are the MOST romantic relationships, because they are so beautiful to the Lord.  What joy there is to know that a man and woman are walking in TRUTH and focusing on whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, and praiseworthy.  What a firm foundation!!!  But the Lord is also a lover of those who make mistakes and can redeem those who turn to Him and receive His forgiveness.  He can fully restore a relationship to become one that honors Him.

6) Do you think purity and modesty are important? As a mother of several young women, what do you think would be some beneficial advice to young couples about relationships? 
I believe that purity and modesty are two of the most important treasures a young woman has.  It makes her more beautiful than any outside adornment. 
Instead of thinking that limits and boundaries have to define relationships...I like to think that the Lord is the only chaperone true believers need.  Relationships between a man and a woman are beautifully designed by God and doing things HIS way is the wisest blueprint you can find anywhere.  Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you.  That includes a relationship!!!!  Are there safe guards?  Sure.  Being in the company of your family, friends, so that temptations will be overcome is always good.  Working through issues as a family and keeping the lines of communication open are crucial!  Stay on your knees and keep the Lord the focus!!! 

7) Would you share your love story with us? 
Chris and I met freshman year at college.  Neither one of us were walking with the Lord.  When we met, Chris always says it was love at first sight.  But my love for him came a little slower.  But boy did it grow!!!  :)   When the Lord got a hold of us, our focus so changed.   I saw Chris as the treasure he is and my love for him grew.  I had been raised in a Christian home and was familiar with the Bible and what it said, but Chris became so passionate to learn everything he could about it.  He quickly surpassed me in my Bible knowledge and the Lord enabled him to become the spiritual leader in our marriage.  We had to rely on the Lord to keep us in check when we were dating because none of our friends were believers.  The Holy Spirit really does His job!!!!  After about 20 years, Chris still makes my heart beat a little faster and I sometimes wonder at the Lords love for me in giving me this amazing man to share this life with!!!

8) Is there anything you'd like to add? 
Modesty and purity are both about the outside of person, but more importantly they are both about a heart attitude inside.  One can dress modestly, but have desires inside that are not.  Same with purity.  We can be pretenders.  Man looks on the outside, but the Lord examines the heart.  The heart of man truly reflects man, just like in water face reflects face.  What we are on the inside is what matters most and should then be visible on the outside.  Every young woman's goal who belongs to the Lord should be to draw closer and closer to the Lord and to His Word.  It's a lifelong process that never dulls with time and only gets more and more amazing.  He knows the desires of our hearts.  Trust Him always and seek Him in everything.  And remember that He's faithful to pick us up when we fall.  His mercies are new every morning.  Great is His faithfulness to us!  

Psalm -12

Amen!  Thanks mom!  It’s an honor being your daughter and sharing experiences, hopes, struggles, and dreams with you! 

God is so loving and gracious, isn’t He?  My parents are a living example of that.  So am I.  So are you!  Wow!

God bless!

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I just love your Mom! :) Thanks for sharing her wisdom with us! :)